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11 month, the company contracted by the Hebei Province, Hebei, Transmission and Distribution Network in Southern Digital's first 220-kilovolt transformer substation?? 220 kV Substation successful operation name. The project embodied the various units involved in the effort and hard work, keep records of the construction workers building a new peak climbing chapter. 11 month, the company contracted by the Transmission and Distribution in Hebei Province, Hebei South Network's first 220 kilovolt Digital Transformer substation ?? 220 kV name Transformer substation Successful fake roger dubuis golden square for sale operation. The works embody the hard work of all units involved and the efforts to keep record of the construction workers building a new peak climbing chapter. Reflected everywhere Standardization Into the digital substation project department name, comes into view is an eye-catching displays?? Name station "to promote standardization of the node control flow chart." The plan clearly shown from start to finish the project was divided into five stages of "compulsory exercise." Station name standardization is just a microcosm. Works started prior to the construction project department personnel security, technology, quality process training, and play, "Transformation Project Quality Comments" slide. In each procedure before starting the project construction personnel in the Department of technology, quality and technology correspondent, while planning "process-based model of the first model" to achieve "zero defect" goal acceptance and lay a good foundation. fake blancpain watch Name digital substation project in strict accordance with the Department of nodes and control flow construction projects, as a division of science and rigorous gear meshing, efficient running fine to ... ... go everywhere, can deeply feel the Southern Hebei section standardization of a digital substation standardization of breath caused. Innovation highlights occur repeatedly "I was responsible for new construction, expansion substation number, digital substation project is the first time. Leading to Hebei fake panerai luminor marina watch South Network's first digital substation to us, this is how much trust! More trust in us, the more we should it do a good job! "project manager, said Zhang Yong, a well-thought. To ensure buy iwc der dopple "zero defect" Operation, Transmission and Distribution in Hebei Province to promote the company insist on implementation of the highlights of programs to encourage employees to think about and, pondering things, encourage employees to make an issue of innovation. Optical voltage and current Transformer buy jaeger lecoultre master hometime Cable to connect the wiring box welding process, a change in the past the traditional method of underground pipe dressing instead of steel by the AC compared with aggregated into focus after the welding box, box is simultaneously the way steel brackets. The new method not only saves time and effort, and easy cable replacement in the future. Together shaping the "zero defect" Project department of standardization of concepts always run through the whole construction process, carried out in order to "ensure safety, ensure quality, security benefits, creating 'zero defect' works" as the theme of labor competitions and "Youth Civilization Project" to create activities and create a positive atmosphere. The staff home for the house, wrote a song after another touching dedication. chronoswiss regulateur replicas Project manager Zhang Yong entered primary school children have been hospitalized, require surgery, leading to arrange for him to go home to visit. But the construction comes at a critical period, Yong still stick to the scene, only to call his wife, children and the elderly guard, expressed his guilt. 28-year-old Wang Tao, chief engineer of long-term project to run around on the construction front, with his marriage is all attend to. Consecutive months, he remained at their posts not been home, the two students who introduced his girlfriend to call several times, and every time he politely refused. Protection commissioning personnel Fok Chun "F, Shi-Qiang Zhang, the station is a live two months, because it is the first substation, factory drawings and design drawings have many inconsistencies, to cause a lot of their work inconvenience. the face of new digital technology, we continue to study, modify, often working overtime late into the night. To ensure a smooth

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