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Does Money Buy Happiness, Love or Fulfillment? There are a lot of fun things money can buy. fake cartier ballon bleu watch A new house, a new car, a vacation for you and your family��these are all things that make you feel happy for a time. There are also a lot of necessary things you need money for. Electricity, heat, water, food��these are all requirements for safety, shelter and life. On the other hand, a lack of money can bring on feelings of stress and frustration��even fear. But does money buy happiness, love or fulfillment? Can money make you feel whole? Can money make you a better person? It's true that money can do many things and make you feel many different ways��if you allow it to have this type of control over your life and your happiness. You may not like to hear this, but I am here to tell you that replica watches tag heuer monaco ls whether or not you have money is your choice. Whether or not you are happy is also your choice. I will not say that the two are totally unrelated��they are related; just not fake a lange sohne datograph in the way you might think. What Money IS Money is a powerful tool which we use to exchange for things we need or desire. Money is not the source of that need, nor the dream behind that desire. Money is representative of wealth; it is not wealth, itself. Money is a physical, tangible result of hard work, smart business, and good fortune. It has no bearing on whether or not your work or your cartier panther fake watches business make you happy, nor whether your "fortune" is perceived as good or bad. Your money is worthless in trade for values, morals and a sense of purpose. Does money buy happiness, love or fulfillment? No. Not now. Not ever. What Money IS iwc replica watches NOT Money is not the "source of all evil" as some people would have you believe; a belief which will keep you from having money for as long as you continue to believe it. Money has no preference for evil deeds over good; for one person over another. Money plays no "favorites," and it is not prejudiced in any way. Money is a completely inanimate object which gains its power only by the force of your own thoughts and feelings associated with it. Money will continually come and go throughout your life, depending upon your relationship with it. sell ferrari watches If you consider money to be "evil," well, you can just plan on never having enough of it. On the other hand, if you are enthusiastically and genuinely appreciative and grateful for the money you do have, rest assured that more money is on its way to you right this very minute!
Does money buy happiness, love and fulfillment? No. Money buys things. Money is a very necessary component of the world in which we live, but it contains no actual power on its own. If you desire more money, you must first repair your relationship with money. You must also discover that you can find happiness, love and fulfillment without the money if you desire to lead a truly inspired life.