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Wine from abroad, people accepted it more imported products from the start. All along, some people have widespread consumer attitudes: the quality of foreign brands are better than national brands, but made mostly in the low-end brand products.
Recently, the reporter interviewed several large supermarkets in Tianjin. Many supermarkets have special counters imported wines, while domestic wines is also a place with the price advantage. Reporter to buy wine as a consumer, the shopping guide to recommend a lady directly in English letters filled with foreign brands, and to explain "the wine produced in France, the price of just over 100 yuan, quite good taste." When a reporter asked, "Why are not recommended domestic wine", she did not answer with certainty "imported wine prices higher than domestic wine should be OK!" Reporter saw almost all foreign wines priced around 100 yuan, the cheapest price The price is also more than 40 yuan, producing mostly in France, Italy and Spain, while domestic wine prices were relatively low, except for some well-packaged, "aging" are high-priced goods, the common products are 40 yuan. Do cheap Chinese wines on the quality low?
In accordance with the WTO agreement, tariffs on wine this year has been from the original 65% to 14%, but foreign wine prices remained high, even in the same grades, are still higher than the domestic replica rolex pearlmaster price of foreign wines. China Agricultural University College of Wine Food Research Centre Professor Duan said that if the fake blancpain series 2100 watch same price in the supermarket wine, imported brands than domestic wine quality may not be good, because the wine shipped to China with tariffs, freight costs, and high labor costs abroad, is bound to increased the cost of wine. From this point of view, is not the only reason the concept of wine consumption.
1 pair of wine industry research industry for many years, told bedat co replica this reporter, the wine industry in China has more ebel discovery replica than 100 years of history, and now from the taste of wine country, all aspects of physical and chemical indicators with international practice, but the market has formed a kind of inertia wine knowledge better than domestic products, coupled with inadequate domestic propaganda brands, domestic brands compete in the brand in a very disadvantageous position. But the domestic wine prices fake breitling bentley flying b for sale in raw materials and the advantage is obvious, which requires a deep understanding of consumers.
Earlier this year, the Consumers Association had 50 brands of domestic and imported dry red wine had more trials, including sensory evaluation is to organize national wine appraisers and experts, on the sample group, blind assessment, and each of the sample made reviews. Comparison of results showed that: sensory evaluation scores of the same sample, compared samples of domestic price lower than the imported brand samples, while the individual scores was also slightly higher than domestic brands imported red wine. For high-price imported dry red wine samples, duplicate samples with homemade tasting, famous brands of dry red wine quality is not lower than the foreign part of the wine fake bertolucci pulchra for sale samples. I am an expert from China Building Materials, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as current sense transformer , toroidal power transformer.