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Wenzhou Gilda, East Arts, flying camel, Tema and other sudden closure of several well-known shoe, or face closure, there is suggesting is that the owner of several enterprises in Macau gambling, lost a total of about 1.3 billion. Net worth of 10 million previously, out of BMW cars, but now penniless, homeless, in 2008, Zhejiang Yiwu businessman Li (respect their wishes, here is his real name) sorry wrong one thing: gambling. Li readme: what happened to him in some business in a certain representation, "I am the living example of a gambler." 2008 at the end of the day, Hangzhou welcome winter's first snowfall and temperatures plunged to below zero degrees Celsius. Hangzhou Stadium Road near a tea room, while drinking Dragon Li, side to reporters about his "gambling opportunity" of the way, regret Green the intestines. Two years ago, Li was the owner of a textile factory, Yiwu,-effective when employed two or three thousand workers, life scenery and moisture. Now, he sold the factory, and sold the house, and hid hundreds of square meters in Hangzhou rent a house there lived, not easily return to Yiwu. Started his winning the 8000 Macau Li said, Like attracts like, dividing people into groups, the boss likes to boss together, share experiences, exchange information, but also with the entertainment?? The most common way is to find a place behind closed doors, "Little things turn out" ( imitation omega the local dialect, that is, gambling). The beginning, we really just "little things turn out," not winning or losing. But some bosses to Macau, the "little things turn out" is not interesting the. 2007 "11" Golden Week, Li for the first time with a tour group tour of Macao, popular "shock": a vehicle had just arrived in a large tourist bus to take them to those groups of the former luxury hotel, beautifully decorated restaurants and shopping malls, with different kinds of performances, in particular, the casino is full of mystery, like a Big Mac-style suction cups, suction crowd of people took a moment too clean. "So many people are gambling, I greatly stimulated." Li said, was like his heart like a cat scratch, once a bargaining chip for a 1,000 yuan, lost all of this would like to leave, guessed bet most of the night , blancpain gmt on sale actually won the 8,000 yuan. This is what 8,000 yuan, completely changed the concept of Li. He replica iwc watch thought, to do business is not easy to earn more money, competition, each link can not go wrong, or is likely to come to naught. Macau's casinos may be, but let him make easy money. fake jaeger lecoultre master watch Infected with gambling addiction family property lost light

After that tour, Li seemed possessed, as long as the factory's business is not too busy, he went to Macao to gamble on them will be pumping a few days. Too convenient with the group, Li Hui will run direct to Macau Macau Pass, and then later, he replica universal geneve watch simply as "illegal" manner, quietly and from between Zhuhai and Macao. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as Eink Ebook Reader Manufacturer , GPS replica rolex oyster perpetual watches Car Tracking Device, and more. For more , please visit Portable Ebook Reader today!