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Concern Hardware & Electrical Industry 2008 Top Ten contest, click to enter>>>> Hardware Network HC: There are two figures illustrates the importance of drinking water. Doctors say 70% of the human body is composed of water molecules, 60 tons of water to drink one's life. In recent years the rapid development of the industry of domestic water dispenser, water dispenser market, annual sales in China up to 3000 million and an annual increase rate of 15%. But as producing countries and consuming countries, China's water dispenser industry has no corresponding national standard, which is obviously a shame. Then, a fountain in the end how long this has been eliminated? Drinking fountains in what constitutes safe drinking water in the end? Upcoming drinking fountains GB might be able to give answers. Recently the media revealed that the national standard has been completed hot and cold water dispenser publicity, goes well, the new national standard will be formally introduced at the end. According to reports, the development of hot and cold water dispenser water dispensers standards and performance materials, such as the amount of water, temperature, service life, are clearly stated. In particular, the new national standard on drinking water quality in the proposed strict rules, if the water exceeded the standard elements, drinking fountains will waltham vanguard on sale be directly deemed to have failed. The new national standard in drinking fountains also a safe one human requirements: manufacturers must set up procedures to protect drinking water installations, from the previous one button out of hot water instead of two procedures must be out of hot water. In addition, multi-function water dispenser for the current turmoil in the markets, the new national standard is also clear that, with sterilization cabinet or the refrigerator's water dispenser, must be in strict accordance with the functions of disinfection cabinets and refrigerator with the implementation, must not only "sell dog ", or they will be identified as substandard quality of drinking fountains. Drinking market currently the main problems, one small and random. It is understood that a lower drinking market entry barriers, the market is spread confusion. Statistics show that domestic production of enterprises involved in drinking nearly 2,000 drinking fountains on the market over 500 brands. Enterprises with more than 80% of non-professional small factories, scale and R & D capability is weak, mainly by assembling parts, counterfeit, OEM, through low-cost consumer confusion. AQSIQ recently conducted a spot check showed that drinking fountains in the 61 products, 40 qualified, product sampling compliance rate was 65.6%. Substandard products that are small businesses, including 11 kinds of water dispenser liner Cr, Ni heavy metals exceeding, 18 kinds of drinking likely to cause electric shock. What is more, some small businesses use low-quality stainless steel and inferior parts of recycled materials to do, and these low-grade material under high temperature, lead, nickel, chromium and other heavy metals will be rolex cosmograph replica diluted out into the body through drinking water , will lead to drinking after a long period of secondary pollution. This blancpain fake watches dispenser into the home, is simply "God of Plague"; second service poor. Miss Qin consumers buy a certain brand of water dispensers. Did not expect to use nearly a month later, the water outlet can not be normal, after consultation that needs cleaning. So she requested the visit after-sales service personnel, and supplies fees paid. To the second cleaning, the service personnel have to be evasive, ask for home fees proposed. Above resentment among consumers, according to a market survey found that many consumers purchase a water dispenser, water to drink soon after to start burning. The reason is that product quality and after-sales service, but relations have not kept pace. Drafting new national standards, according to the person in charge and gerald genta retro classic fake watches looking forward to drinking after the introduction of new standards of industry prospects, not on the existing large water dispenser manufacturers have a major impact, after all, they have formed a cluster of production scale, technical standard was reliable. The introduction of new standards, more is rolex watches for sale to substantially increase trade barriers in China water dispenser, water dispenser industry disrupted early end to the battle situation, create a healthy drinking water for the consumer market. Of course, individual small business its own way, will face suspension. Concern that the fountain has not yet officially implemented the new national standard, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the United Nations released a major health drinking water manufacturers to pre-empt the new standard. China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention's chief environmental specialist, said lead healthier way of drinking water in China, is the industry's problems to be solved.

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