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Carefully built in our Campus Network China, if the network suddenly slow, the important data between the teaching time, leaving the system administrator's response time is only valuable breitling galactic for sale ten minutes, or even minutes. Moreover, the worm virus on the impact of network speed more and more serious, such as "Netsky" and other e-mail worm, which infected users will result in a row, kept out of the Internet mail, select the user personal virus Computer The random document attached to the user's address book, and through random mailing address. Hundreds lined up some of the spam messages sent out, some of it was returned in droves to reactors in Server On. This had caused a significant education network backbone congestion, even in the worm spread the LAN, paralysis happened frequently.

For flow monitoring and traffic analysis is an important part of the rationalization of the network, gerald genta watches for sale it was found in the shortest possible time security threat analysis in the first time, through traffic analysis to determine the attack, and early warning, rapid measures. How in the core Network equipment On the control flow, abnormal flow limitations become of concern to technical problems.

Formulation of monitoring object Connectivity Connectivity, also known as availability, accessibility or connectivity, the school requires an efficient bandwidth services, more strictly speaking, should be the basic capabilities of network services or properties. Such as distance learning need a broadband connection and video on demand services, these must be based on network connectivity and security.

Packet loss rate Packet loss rate refers to the loss of the IP packet with all of the IP replica rolex pearlmaster packet ratio. Many factors can cause the network to transmit data packets to be dropped when, for example, the size of data packets sent link congestion status. Different operations on different sensitivity of packet loss in multi-media teaching, packet loss is the imaging quality and broken frames root cause.

Delay An IP packet delay is defined through one or more segments experienced time. Fixed delay and variable delay by a delay of two parts. Essentially the same fixed time delay, the propagation delay and transmission delay composition; variable delay from the middle Router Processing delay and queuing delay of two parts.

Bandwidth analysis Bottleneck bandwidth and the bandwidth is generally divided into the available bandwidth. The bandwidth bottleneck is when a path (path) when there is no other background traffic, the network can provide the greatest throughput. Available bandwidth refers to the network path (path) where there is background traffic, can provide a maximum throughput operations.

Protocol Analysis Agreement cheap breitling cockpit for sale on the division of network traffic, such as: Web browsing (HTTP), email (POP3, SMTP, WEBMAIL, file downloads (FTP), instant messaging (MSN, QQ, etc), streaming media (MMS, RTSP), etc. . for different network application protocol for traffic monitoring and analysis, if a deal appears in an extraordinary period of time available bandwidth occupied by the situation, there may be traffic or worm patek philippe twenty replica attack occurred.

Application segment traffic analysis Most of the schools are the different business applications through to a logical VLAN isolation, it can be different VLAN traffic analysis system for network traffic monitoring.

Network traffic management devices Understand CBAC Many primary and secondary schools by funding constraints, most network administrators use the router CiscoIOS Firewall Feature set, context-based access control (CBAC) is the most significant new features. CBAC importance of technology lies in: enables administrators to configure the IOS Firewall as an intelligent, integrated, single box Solutions Part. CBAC through a rigorous review of the source and destination address, and enhance the use of well-known TCP and UDP port application security. CBAC by examining the (data) packet to understand the application state information, to check the ACL features increase intelligence. CBAC use this information to create a temporary, session (Session) specific ACL entry to allow the return traffic into a reliable network. This temporary ACL effectively opened in the firewall of a door. When the end of a session, ACL entry cheap baume mercier is deleted, the door closed. CBAC reviewed the application layer TCP and UDP packets and maintain session information, which provided for CBAC to detect and prevent attacks on the capacity of a network, such as SYNflooding. CBAC is configured for each interface, can be used to control the firewall from the other communications (two-way); However, most customers will CBAC for only the communication from one side (one-way).

CBAC can open the connection as needed, and monitor the return traffic flow, but the CBAC inspection for traffic review is not perfect. For example it only checks the requirement, for more types of traffic must increase the number of their statements. I am an expert from China Building Materials, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as aircraft interiors , rotax engine.