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More compact size and relatively low price, not only to Nokia N97mini sought after by many players, but also to become the popular Nokia's popular phone. Thus, hot ride around the world the occasion of different versions of names also will continue. Following the recent release version and the introduction of RAOUL gold limited edition, the Nokia has it with the world's leading professional sports glasses Oakley Cooperation , Introduced the only 200 Nokia N97 mini Oakley Limited Edition. The Nokia and Oakley launch the N97mini limited edition for the Vancouver Olympic athletes sponsored by Oakley introduced the world's limited only to 200. Although do not know the price and the sale or in the form specifically for athletes only, but the number only 200, or enough to show their precious, I believe they will be sought after by many collectors. Introduced in the past limited edition Nokia mobile phones like the Nokia N97miniOakley debut limited edition will also be published in the fuselage behind the Oakley design for the 2010 Winter Games logo to reflect its Thunderbird unusual places, and in order reflect the characteristics of the limited edition also features an exquisite leather boxes for packaging. Course, like to like the brand's customers, if the purchase of a limited edition Nokia N97Mini, then the phone body Memory In preset Oakley Olympic team photos and videos may be cheap elgin watches more to them more to come. However, in addition to more "limited" differences, the Nokia N97miniOakley limited edition version with the normal functions not be any difference, still will be a powerful rich Internet experience and touch features as a selling point. Although Oakley limited edition N97mini of reach for most people, but to buy a plane normal version of the friends, the Nokia N97 and Nokia N97mini between the kind of difference in the end there may be they are more concerned about. Generally speaking, compared to Nokia N97mini Gold Edition Nokia N97 has a major in the following significant differences. First, mobile phone screen size will shrink to 3.2 inches, but still continue the resolution of the Nokia N97 and using the same standard control interface; Secondly, Nokia N97mini phone storage capacity of 32GB from the Nokia N97 8GB capacity reduced to capacity, but in the body area but never past the memory capacity of 256MB upgrade for the N97 512MB. Nokia N97mini change compared to the third point of the past is re-designed built-in camera model, and abolished Shot Cover design. Nokia N97mini also Phone keys Layout, type mark, mobile phones and other parts of the back cover has been redesigned, best omega replicas and because the screen sizes shrink, so the machine size is also relatively more compact than the Nokia N97 and mini number. It is worth mentioning that Nokia N97mini functional applications has been added to the new Ovi service Lifecasting support, allowing users to screen their latest mobile phone location and status information directly released to Facebook to share with others. The main function of the phone, the Nokia N97 and Nokia N97mini is basically not much difference between the. Also built the AMR11 is 434MHz processor, and other such as the built-in GPS navigation, with 3.5 mm Headset Interface, compatible with a variety of audio and video format playback and can be extended by a wealth of third-party software configuration is always cell phone functions. However, due to the use of smaller capacity Battery Nokia N97mini in standby time and music playback time somewhat more fragile than buy ulysse nardin marine chronometer the Nokia N97. Despite the limited version of 200 Nokia N97miniOakley we daniel roth watches for sale may not buy, but not bad money, friends can look at the gold version of the machine. It is learned that the version will be listed in the second quarter Sell The official suggested retail price of 625 euros, about 5800 yuan or universal geneve watches for sale so.

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