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Countless numbers of studies and surveys seem to agree that online video viewership is generating huge numbers and is unlikely to slow down soon. During the first month of 2011, more than 170 million American Internet users watched an average of 14-and-a-half hours of online media content. Going even further, 66 percent of participants in a recent study indicated they watch more online video content than they did a year ago; a figure expected to grow significantly in the coming year. The rising increase in online video viewership has prompted many companies to realign their advertising campaigns by putting additional focus on the Internet. In another study, companies reallocating at least 5 percent of their TV advertising budget to online marketing efforts increased their brand exposure and reached new viewers previously buy panerai luminor submersible inaccessible through television. These findings underscore the enormous value online video campaigns can have for B2B marketing firms and their clients. In addition to costing significantly less than traditional media campaigns, online video content can be accessed by Internet users anywhere via mobile devices. Online video content can be an extremely effective tool for branding advertising and generating leads. However, getting your content in eye's reach of the intended target base can be challenging due to the shear amount of video floating on the web. Whether you've already launched an online video campaign or are in the process of making one, here are some suggestions that will improve your business to business marketing efforts on the web. YouTube Text Summary With over two million viewers daily, YouTube is perhaps the most reliable online platform for promoting video content. But simply uploading your content onto YouTube is not enough to draw in viewers. One of the primary ways people discover YouTube video content is through a keyword search. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) playing such a key role in exposure, it is important that a text summary accompanies all your YouTube videos. The summary should be an accurate and compelling description of the video that incorporates keywords and a link to your website. Failing to include a text summary essentially defeats the purpose of the video marketing campaign as it's unlikely anyone will view your video if they don't know what it's about. E-mail marketing Video knockoff zenith watch is able to convey more information per minute and is the most persuasive method of delivering product information compared to any other media platform. With this in mind, it is only practical to include video in your e-mail marketing efforts. Some surveys suggests e-mail marketing campaigns that include video can increase conversion rates by as much as 300 percent. Using video will also increase your chances of reaching prospective customers who primarily access their rolex replica guide e-mail through mobile devices. These are just two ways to enhance the online presence of your B2B Internet Marketing video campaign. No matter how you decide to promote your video content on the Internet, it is important to remember the quality of your viewers is more important than quantity. Carl Alexoff, a press relations specialist at fake zeno watch basel for sale TriComB2B, is the author of this article about B2B swiss replica watches usa marketing, branding advertising and business to business marketing. TriComB2B is a Dayton audemars piguet replica watch B2B marketing agency that focuses on technical B2B marketing programs.