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By the world financial crisis, the Chinese lighting market as escape, not an exception, more difficult for lighting companies. At a time, most people more concerned, in 2009, how will the economic and trade situation? Lighting market next year will not be some better? cheap rockford for sale When the United States, European Union, Japan, Australia, Russia replica roger dubuis watch and other major world economies, one after another to the country's financial and capital markets into huge amounts of money to rescue the market, we think that weakness will be rotating; when the central government reduced the stamp duty on securities transactions encourage the central enterprises buy back stock, the property market around the introduction of policies to rescue the market, we think that the stock and property markets will rebound, the market performance is expected in the opposite direction towards away. These indicators are a further blow to the general consumer confidence in the economy for the better. Such a vicious circle, the more market weakness and bleak depression. Putting aside the lighting industry has not as clothing, toys and the industry as 20% of business failures occur the phenomenon, but as far as I know, China already has a number of more well-known lighting companies in August to reduce the annual investment budget, plans to invest R & D budget in the slow pace of new product development, plans to conduct large-scale celebrations or delays in the preparation time from simple forms, plans job cuts yield the contrary. These phenomena show that lighting companies are tightening the pouch live, in order to secure through 2008, but also to respond at a loss for 2009. I think, to judge whether the lighting market in 2009 mainly on a few indicators of well-being: First, the world economy can pull through, and change in a positive direction. However, the U.S. 800 billion U.S. dollars rescue package hard to see the results in the short term; Second, can boost consumer confidence, confidence is more important than gold. However, confidence has yet to see signs of boost; Third, the stock market could bottom out. However, A-share market waterfalls worn out 1800-point level; Fourth hug City can pick up, stimulate the real estate market consumption. However, we still see many people because of high prices and buy their own homes; five roger dubuis excalibur for sale residents of the property income can increase. However, residents of fixed assets is still narrow, the price index does not fall in consumer psychology is clearly more cautious; 6 can increase the export market. However, many experts believe that a number of the importing country's GDP growth next year may be lower than this year. It seems we have not seen signs of market recovery, at least until now. Some of the macroeconomic expert friend said that the world economic recovery may take 2-3 years, and some say they need five years, some even said pessimistically to 10 years. Friends that the financial crisis started from the real estate industry, and then spread to the financial, insurance, followed by an element of the real economy. China's manufacturing industry has begun to poison deeply, and is expected to be not shallow, the recovery time will be long days of next year might be more difficult for the manufacturing industry, including industry, including lighting. We do not want to see the lighting replica ulysse nardin dual time gmt industry was devastated in 2009, do not want to see companies like Smart Union toy light as a night-time closure of the company, do not want to see more corporate layoffs to cut costs, do not want to see groups of companies appearance struggling smile, do not want to see groups of workers from doing nothing, but these are just wishes. When even more dismal in 2009 really want to come, we lighting company how to deal with this? replica zenith watch If the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 gave birth to huge infrastructure projects in the lighting business, then what, 2009? We can not change the environment, it can only accept the replica cartier santos dumont harsh environment of the baptism, the fate of the turn and the oscillation between good and bad, this could be called a market economy it! The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as China rolling forming machine , rollformers Manufacturer, and more. For more , please visit roll bending machine today!