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Car insurance is something that we don't really think about buying during our lives because it's easy to take the recommendations of friends and family before investigating if there are more affordable options out there. If you're frustrated with what you're paying for car insurance this article has easy tips that will save you money off your car insurance costs. Simple A, B, C Steps Saving money on rolex datejust replica car insurance and even finding a cheap car insurance policy is easy. Here's how: 1. Always ask for discounts like good student, good driver and low mileage discounts. 2. Move replica breitling cockpit for sale to a safer part of town because the zip replicas bvlgari code that you live in does effect bvlgari copy the price that you pay every month. 3. Bundle your car insurance with other insurance products that your insurer offers. 4. Protect your car with an alarm or some other protection device. 5. Pay a higher deductible. 6. Ask for multi car discounts. 7. Drive less per year. 8. Pay collision or comprehensive if you have an older car. 9. Maintain good credit. 10. Always pay your bill on omega replica watch time. These might seem like simple steps but they will work towards lowering your insurance costs. Should You Risk Driving Without Car Insurance? We've all done it at one time or another in our lives. Driving without car insurance is like playing with a loaded gun because we risk injuring yourself or others in a car accident and cheap rolex gmt master if we're uninsured we face serious financial damages, potential lawsuits and even bankruptcy from the accident. At the very least driving without car insurance puts us into the position to face tickets, possible impounding of vehicles, suspension of our drivers licenses and more. Until we can pay our car insurance premiums every month it's best to start walking more than to drive without car insurance. Bill is a consumer journalist. He believes in bubble baths, red wine and cheap car insurance. He lives in North Carolina with his dog Regis.