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An ice fishing sled is an extremely valuable tool. It is used by anglers to haul their gear to their favorite ice fishing locations. Ice fishing sleds are even more important if you are bringing heavy equipment such as a gas powered auger or your shelter to your ice hole. Ice fishing sleds are generally made of heavy gauge plastic or wood and are light in weight. Even though they are light weight they should also be strong enough to resist any rocks or shards of ice that you might drag it over. They should be deep enough to prevent your stuff from fake gerald genta retro sport watch falling out of the side if you are trekking in hilly terrain. They should also be big enough to carry everything that you rolex cellini danaos replica are going to need. This is because ice fishermen tend to have to bring a lot of gear with them like an auger, buckets, heaters and sometimes even their whole shelter. If you are planning on attaching your sled to an ATV or snowmobile then be sure to buy or build one with two holes in the front two corners so you can tie a rope from the sled to your source of transportation. An ice fishing sled is something that you are going to want to load into the back of a truck so if you are planning on building your own then I suggest that you don't make it out of heavy materials like steel, you are not going to want to break your back hauling it around. Ice fishing sleds generally range in price from fifty to several hundred dollars. You can also buy optional accessories with it such as hitches for about forty and covers for under twenty dollars. There are numerous sporting goods stores and even more online stores cheap ball hamilton for sale where you can purchase one. I would recommend an otter ice fishing sled, which is an extremely popular brand. Your ice sled can have more than one use. You can use it during hunting season to carry your hunting gear, like rifles and decoys and portable blinds into the bush. You could also use it to breguet marine for sale carry out a deer or whatever else you have got on your trip into the wilderness. You could also use it for general yard work such as hauling dirt or plants or whatever you can think of. So whatever you are going to use your ice fishing sled for, just know fake waltham riverside maximus for sale that it can be a helpful tool for all aspects of your life, not just angling on the ice. Justin G is a writer, webdesigner and ice fisherman. He resides in south ontario and during the winter months spends whatever time he can find on the ice. During the summer, his other passion is for replica watches tudor his motorcycle. If you want to read more about ice fishing then you can find his website at