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For the replica rolex turn o graph watches industry, the Gift Show is the industry event. In porsche design online particular, the annual exhibition of the peak spring and autumn, it is so that each gift merchants are busy, excited. If in March held at the Agricultural Exhibition Hall Beijing Spring Gift Show sixth change of people happy, that the upcoming sixteenth Gift Fair in Shenzhen are more people looking for gifts. What the Sixth Beijing Spring Gift Show why the change is different from the previous? Sixteenth Shenzhen Gift Show how they prepared? Xiao Bian into problems with their sponsors?? Reed Exhibitions China headquarters conference room, an interview with Reed Exhibitions China Reed, Vice President and General Manager of Beijing Branch of China Bo Mr. Liu Guoliang and Li Exhibition Marketing Director Miss Wang Fang China (hereinafter referred to as Manager Liu, Wang). China Reed Exhibitions Reed, vice president and general manager of Beijing Branch of China Mr. Liu Guoliang Bo Integration: Beijing Spring Gift Show is not only a little change Along the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta is China's gift industry's most developed regions, compared with popular southern market, the North Gift Market Little bit cold, but the demand is very strong. With Olympics Will come, bringing together the many multinational companies, Social groups And the well-known enterprises in Beijing will undoubtedly contains huge global market potential of radiation. On March 20 opening of "The Sixth China International Gifts, Premium & Houseware Fair" (referred to as Beijing Spring Gift Show) the Olympic Games before the opening of the North as the last major gift Purchase Events have been very industry attention. Exclude the Olympic factor, this exhibition and the same period compared to previous Other Gift Show view, showing a significant increase in the number of visitors, foreign Buyer Frequently appear again, very public ceremony giant exhibition, there are pre-show press conference held in such new changes, these changes allow exhibitors and visitors feel welcome and also reflects the integration of the North Reed Exhibitions Gift Market Beijing Spring Gift Fair brand to create the care and thought. "The integration of the Beijing Gift Show is from last October began." According to Manager Liu introduced. In June 2007 the United Kingdom and the Reed Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China Bo Cooperation The establishment of Reed Exhibition Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch of Shenzhen, the North has become the gift market, Reed is one focus of attention. Reed Group's headquarters will be accumulated over the years show resources directly into the Reed Exhibition Co., Ltd. fake girard perregaux laureato watches Beijing Branch of Shenzhen, whether the call center, marketing, human resources or finance department, field operations department and so on, every department are prepared based sub Gift Show, in view of limited manpower branch, many of Reed's colleagues in the Group are also involved in early development of this gift Plan , Medium run, and later on-site work, and whether marketing, buyer organizations, or on-site Management , The group entirely, "Reed" professional standards to manage and regulate the Beijing exhibition. This is why the exhibition will show the number of visitors, buyers, and the triple-known companies important reason for change. In order to better develop momentum for the current gift, Reed is the decision one month before the exhibition held in Beijing Great Wall Hotel, the media conference. With the power of media publicity so that more understanding of the North Gift exhibition business, to this exhibition the exhibitors in that area. And this press conference, also in the past organizers of the cartier tortue online North Gift Show replica patek philippe skeleton had never tried before.

Proved sixth Spring Gift Show held in Beijing is very successful, but Manager Liu think it is a new attempt to participate in the North as the first gift market, Reed Group in this exhibition is not the focus be on at the invitation of the international buyers, but more emphasis on the quality of domestic buyers, Manager Liu said: buyer satisfaction, and intention to achieve more, more satisfied exhibitors, as more exhibitors to join the ranks of Beijing Gift Show , the quantity and quality buyers naturally have a good upgrade. "In this exhibition, we see that the number of domestic buyers, the quality is very good, we are all very satisfied with this exhibition, which we can be more assured of more international buyers invited to attend the next Beijing Gift Show, Let Beijing Gift the best swiss replica watches Show to a new level, "integration, try to better next time. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as Remote Copy Machine , China Transponder Key & Remotes & Flip Case, and more. For more , please visit Remote Copy Machine today!