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Have you ever felt like there is a disconnect between the love you are giving your husband and the love he seems to be receiving? Do you feel as though you are trying your hardest to express your love to your husband, but that many of the things you do to try to show him your love don't seem to affect him they way you'd hoped? Perhaps you are not speaking his "love language." Experienced marriage counselor Gary Chapman discovered during his many years of helping couples that people understand love in different ways. Chapman contends that there are different ways to express and interpret love. He calls these "love languages." In his book, The Five Love Languages, Chapman identifies what he believes to be the five primary ways of expressing love to another person: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch. If it is your desire to better show love to your husband, you would do well to familiarize yourself with these concepts. Reading Chapman's book or attending one of his events is a great way to do this, though his concepts are fairly easy to grasp. Once you understand the love languages, it is important that you recognize the way your husband primarily interprets love, or, his primary love language. Loving your husband in his primary love language means that he will be more likely to receive the message you want to send him: "I love you." Here is a basic definition of each love language, as well as a few ideas for each: Words of Affirmation More than just a kind word here or there��for such a person, a consistent stream of positive affirmation is what best communicates love. Hand-written love/thank-you notes are great ways to express love to your husband. Your communication should be affirming, but it should be genuine. Your husband needs to hear from you (in buy gerald genta retro solo your words) that he is valued, respected, appreciated, and liked. He feels loved when he hears it from you. Quality Time Your husband feels pursued when you set aside time just for him. Simply your time is the best gift you could give your husband if top swiss replica watches his primary love language is quality time. Yet, it isn't just any time, it is quality time. Your undivided attention is important to him. This may also mean doing something with him that he enjoys, whether it is watching the cartier tonneau fake watches game, cleaning the garage, or heading to the hardware to pick up some air compressor parts so he can change the compressor oil. cheap cartier roadster He feels loved when he feels that you have pursued him. Receiving Gifts Your husband feels pursued by you when you take the time to get him something thoughtful. Find out what type of gifts your husband likes to receive. He may interpret love best when receiving gifts, but he may enjoy something practical like air compressor parts or some compressor oil for his air compressor in the workshop more than a sentimental picture frame or piece swiss omega replica of artwork. He feels loved when he knows you were thinking of him enough to give him a gift. Acts of Service Your husband feels pursued when you perform acts of service. It may fake columbus watch co watches be something as simple as doing his laundry or making his favorite meal. Or, it may be something that may seem bizarre to you like helping him clean out the gutters. He feels loved when you are willing to do things for him. Physical Touch Your husband feels pursued when you initiate physical touch, and when you positively respond to his touch. It is about more than just sexual intimacy, but also includes a variety of affectionate touches. He feels loved when you show it physically. For more details about compressor oil & air compressor parts, please visit us online.