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Facebook insights, or Facebook statistics, can be very useful in determining how much influence your Facebook fan page has. The insights can help you target your potential customers, but you have to know how to interpret the data first. replica watches chronoswiss lunar A Facebook fan page can really help your business, or it can be a waste of company time. In order to determine which best fake names scenario you have, you have to read the statistics. Your Facebook statistics will not be activated until you reach thirty "likes", or fans, on your page. The insights will automatically be started, you don't need to activate it yourself. When it is activated it will be visible on the left sidebar of your Facebook fan page. Your insights has a summary with two graphs: interactions and users. Both provide a summary of their respective pages. For the users data, you will find the following information: Users active in the last month New likes per day Total number of likes New likes and unlikes Sources for likes Demographics for your fans Fanpage page views Referrers Media consumption For the interactions page you will find the following data: Post views per day Post feedback per day Story feedback per day Recent posts Page activity per day Using Facebook statistics can help you learn how much influence your page really has. Focusing on the total number fake rockford grade of fans isn't enough. Many people click on "like" and never return to replica watches cartier baignoire your page which doesn't help your company. Focus instead on the number of active users per day. Active users are those that come to the fan page or see the content on each day. By getting users to interact, you increase the chance that your company will be fresh in their minds. The daily page activity can also help measure how many users are interacting with your page. Here you will find any mentions your page has received and be able to track how your online reputation is spreading. These are very helpful because they help your page go viral and gain more fans. By reading your Facebook statistics, you can see which days of the week your fans are most likely to engage with you. You can then post new products and other relevant information on these days to get more user participation. Look for unusual activity in the likes/unlikes graph. If you see a big increase iwc aquatimer replicas for either, try to see what caused it. If a post caused a lot of people to unlike the page, avoid posting this material again. Also look closely at external referrers. This will tell you what is working for gaining more fans and what isn't. This can help you refocus your efforts when advertising or doing other social media. If a source isn't working to gain fans, you can work harder on another source that is working. fake gerald genta retro classic for sale Demographics of your fans is also very useful. It's helpful to know what gender and age your potential customers are and tailor your content to that audience. You should determine your target audience first. Then when your page gains more "likes", you can see if you are reaching your target market. By allowing you to create or improve your online presence, LookupPage can help you to take control of your Google CV and start branding yourself online. LookupPage's advanced technology and products then allow you to protect your reputation through its focus on simplicity, trackability and visibility.