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Once upon a time, rubber wristbands roamed the land. They were red and yellow, embossed with the word "Livestrong." That original wristband was the start of rolex replicas swiss made the fashion of wearing rubber wristbands to support worthy social causes. The yellow "Livestrong" wristband introduced in 2004 quickly became a worldwide sensation that has since raised millions of dollars for cancer research. That's the power of rubber wristbands. Before long, other rubber wristbands in other colors became popular as well, representing other causes. The wristbands were a hit with adults and children alike. Today, there's a new contender in the world of rubber wristbands. Instead of supporting causes, the newcomers chronoswiss kairos fake watches are just about fun. Silly Bandz? are custom shaped rubber wristbands in shapes such as guitars, music notes, hearts, animals and many others. Unlike more common rubber wristbands, Silly Bandz are small and thin silicone bands that snap back into their custom shape when the wearer takes them off. Because they're too narrow for any kind of message, they're just for fun. Silly Bandz have been fake a lange sohne datograph watches around for about two years, and the custom rubber wristbands are immensely popular among elementary and some middle school-age students. They became so popular that many schools banned them from classrooms because the rubber wristbands were distracting too many students from their class work. Silly Bandz are marketed by a Toledo, Ohio company that also imports more traditional rubber wristbands, Silly Bandz became the rage of the elementary school set last fall. Between playing with the rubber wristbands and trading them back and forth, roger dubuis excalibur for sale some students were simply unable to focus on their school work, teachers said. The small rubber wristbands come in an ever-increasing variety of shapes. In a classic case of one fad running into another, the distributor even recently introduced a custom pack of Justin Bieber-related shapes, including headphones, "I (heart) JB," and a special "Bieber Heart." The same company also is linked to rubber wristbands as the original distributor of Livestrong wristbands. But it's the Silly Bandz that have really taken off. Since their 2008 introduction, the company has grown from 20 employees to more than 200. With Silly Bandz rubber wristbands usually selling for about $5 for a pack of two dozen, most children can afford them. Because they're thin and easily broken, there's also an automatic replacement market to a certain extent. replica rolex oyster perpetual watches It's unclear whether Silly Bandz have staying power in the marketplace to the degree that more traditional rubber wristbands do. But there are some indications that the fad is waning. The company that makes the bands has expanded its product lineup to include more traditional rubber wristbands as well as other products. replica chronoswiss kairos for sale Ultimately, the fate of Silly Bandz rests with the most fickle customers on the planet - children. But the more traditional rubber wristbands such as the classic yellow wristbands have proved their value for awareness, fundraising and promotional purposes. Those rubber wristbands are likely to remain popular even if Silly Bandz eventually fade into obscurity a year or two from now.