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Heat Pump Network HC ?Many families use water heaters in winter, but the use of heaters in winter accidents are increasing constantly, particularly the gas water heater, if consumers do not know if their own products, it is easy to stay hidden, I today for everyone to briefly explain the gas water heater features and frequently asked questions, want to help users. Water heaters cheap girard perregaux sea hawk watches and gas bottles can be placed in the bathroom it? As living Environment Restrictions on water heaters and gas bottles can not be placed in the ideal place, placed in that important, the key is to have security measures; crash is not safe when placed in it. 1, regular check gas bottles Valve , Reducing valve, gas hose aging and interfaces there is any leak. 2, using the row-type gas water heater to use strong water heater, the water heater combustion exhaust emissions outside force. 3, gas water heater if installed in the bathroom, water heater combustion of oxygen-consuming work which will lead to indoor oxygen does, so to install the exhaust fan in the bathroom, it is best to install a shutter (to a quarter of the door Department of conversion) to increase the air convection. 3 points to achieve the above water heater and gas bottle on the bathroom can be. What is the water heater exhaust gas of gas? Gas water heater mainly carbon dioxide emissions. Incurred because of the risk of using it are burning a lot of oxygen consumption, resulting in hypoxia caused people fainted, and even death. Therefore, a bath room with water heater must be separated in the same room can not bvlgari rettangolo fake watches be installed, install water heater where windows open for ventilation must use. Normal use, produce very little carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide is not toxic, but the oxygen consumption caused by hypoxia. Characteristics of three gas 1, manufactured gas: manufactured gas was a mixture of various gases, containing water, tar, dust, ammonia, naphthalene, hydrogen sulfide, delivery pressure illinois bunn watches for sale 1000Pa. Artificial gas is characterized by ease of use, low heat value, containing carbon monoxide a direct cause harm to life, accident, another artificial gas contained impurities more easily lead to general row Shower of Solenoid valve Pollution, a direct result of electric valve cartier pasha c replica damage, combustion will generate dust, need to replica franck muller curvex watch conduct regular safety maintenance, fire or other phenomena occur, serious cause incomplete combustion, flame red, stretched, burned in the corresponding object Shower . 2, Gas: Natural gas is buried in the ground of flammable gas, which includes natural gas wells, Oil Associated gas, condensate gas field gas and mines gas. The main component of natural gas is methane, transmission pressure 2000Pa. Natural gas is characterized by high heat, clean, basic no sulfur, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, lighter than air gas density in the air volatilization will not soon, not easy to gather, so the probability of an accident caused gas is relatively small, 3, liquefied petroleum gas: LPG is a petroleum mining and refining by-product of the process, the main ingredient is carbon 3, carbon 4, transmission pressure 2800Pa. Liquefied petroleum gas is characterized by the highest heat value, clean, in normal temperature and pressure, LPG is a gas, while at room temperature or atmospheric pressure and temperature step-up, it is easy to change from gas into liquid, to bring the convenience of transportation, Understand the characteristics of the three most commonly used gas for the overhaul of our shower very useful, because of different gas properties, using the shower will be a corresponding change in structure, to be judged according to the type of fault with the gas problem With the increasing quality of life in shower also had many times the replacement. Related topics: Month 315: Electrolux air-conditioning malfunctioned after-sale fake cartier santos for sale "play ball" Related Reading: Solar thermal industry is the last word to accelerate upgrading State Key Laboratory of Solar PV settled Yingli
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