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Climate Conference held in Copenhagen, so that "low carbon" has become a hot topic, a number of countries announced their mid-term emission reduction targets. China decided in 2020 carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP than in 2005 40% -45% decline. To achieve this goal, all over the country are set off vigorous energy conservation activities. In particular, as green

Energy Main force of the solar energy field, it is a concern around the target, a number of localities have introduced policies to promote solar energy, help popularize solar energy. However, despite good vision, the popularity of solar energy has always been unsatisfactory. In most parts of China, solar energy penetration is lower than some European countries are much more abundant in the solar energy, conventional energy crisis of Guangdong, the current utilization of both domestic solar water heaters less than 2%. People can not help but ask: positive frequency out why the popularity of solar energy applications are slow to "Speed"? For this problem, I think that can be analyzed from the following aspects.

Large initial investment back baume mercier hampton milleis replica to the cycle length
First, solar energy is hard for the people home, and the characteristics of the solar equipment?? Large initial investment, back to the cycle length. The design life of the current solar equipment is usually 30 years, back to the time you need 15 years. Too slowly back to the time in which the replica breguet watch parties have no motivation to be applied. Online, replica giuliano mazzuoli for sale a solar water heater users to calculations of economic accounts: a can of water heaters a day, about 600 yuan per year of electricity; solar water heater needs a year in electricity a month, count 100 electricity. Both are 10 years to life terms, solar water heater can save about 5,000 yuan. But calculating the purchase cost of solar water heaters are often a few thousand dollars higher than the electric water heater, making more modest savings.

Industry barriers to entry much lower muddy-name market
Second, because the solar water heater industry barriers to entry are not high, and there is no more cheap breitling chrono cockpit regulated industry standards and related restrictions, coupled with a lot of money, driven by profits, so this new industry to increase gold are many. A certain brand of solar energy distributor, said: "The solar market is now more than 6,000 brands and some brands of solar water heaters in the survey from 1000 to 6000, spent less than 5 years, this rate can be seen on the market on the number replica kelbert bowling watches of hybrid brand came. "solar water heater and more of these no-name from the small workshops, family-run shop of production from the technical tests, and advanced development level of the relatively few large enterprises.

Old quarters of the unspoken rules safety and solar power to resist
Again, many communities built a long time, does not encourage the installation of solar, reason is that management difficulties caused by the aging building, maintenance is difficult, more difficult to deal with a problem. Area residents have said: "I do not have solar water heaters in recent years has been the use cheap breitling bentley flying b watches of electricity. Although there are many households installed solar energy, but later let residential property security, and equipment are no longer bad to re-install, so now there are solar of the people is not much. In this regard, there is residential property officer, said: "We are also very difficult, on the one hand the residents are willing to energy

Environmental protection , But the management up too many problems, but especially bad treatment in case of disputes. "

The pain in small high-level security solar unrealistic
In addition, because many new small high-rise flats, the top floor space area restrictions on all install solar energy. For example, a two 12-storey residence building, all the solar minimum of about 50 square meters area. Is enough in theory, but can not be flat piece of building the top floor, the roof again if there are some architectural decoration or equipment originally installed on the roof, such as cooling towers, water tanks, the more difficult to achieve. Such as the area with water pressure, water supply and other issues, the popularity of urban high-rise building solar energy still faces many problems waiting to break. Meanwhile, the buildings are limited high, installing solar equipment at least 2 meters of space, which means that construction of the main design, we have to reduce the half-layer. So from a technical context, the developer will lose a lot of interest.

Together, we can see the road difficult to popularize solar energy applications. This also is giving us a lesson that we must recognize that a new things to grow, we must have government support, the most important thing is to win the first consumer recognition and acceptance of, solar power is so. Believe that the Chinese out of energy distress, it is also popular when solar thermal. I am an expert from China Agriculture Net, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as towel rail electric , bathroom towel holder.