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First, the rise of coin game ? In 1988, the German Situoweike coin vending machine according to agency theory, a kind known as "automatic laying machine" of the machine, as long as a coin into the machine into "automatic layers" will " production "under an egg, and accompanied by sounds. People have Situoweike invented the machine, as is the embryonic form of slot games. But the real game for the entertainment industry, comes as the beginning of this century, appeared in Germany, the "music box" game. As long as a slot player, sound box of the wheel will automatically rotate to drive a series of uneven distribution of knocking holes in teeth of different lengths of steel to play the music. Later, the famous magician Bo Laimu designed slot video games. Although that image, but is still mechanical, the operator can be observed after the coin hole to see inside the puppet and background of mobile performance. In the depression era, the world is unusually booming gambling industry, which many coin, such as poker machines (commonly known as rat machine), horse racing machine, golf Pinball machines everywhere, once replaced the health of the entertainment industry . Until the thirties, the United States against the rise of a competitive simulation games, which simulate shooting a "one-armed bandit" game popular. Since then, the simulation replica concord c1 worldtimer for sale of various sports (such as shooting, basketball) game consoles have also appeared in the entertainment field. From the late nineteenth to the twentieth century, the fifties and sixties, most of coin operated amusement game in the mechanical or simple circuit structure, the players are young people, mostly adults, occasions only playground, less interesting programs, and the contents of a single. cheap kelbert watches At the same time, with the rapid development of global electronic technology, after the war there in 1946, the first electronic computer, replica concord watches its technical achievements penetrated into all fields, is also an entertainment revolution brewing. 2, the a lange sohne online birth of electronic games After World War II, computer technology has been rapid development. First by the bulky vacuum tubes instead of transistors, integrated circuits and the subsequent emergence of large scale integrated circuit, computer generation of electronic sub-achieving update, while software technology has developed rapidly. In the best rolex knockoffs United States, the focus of many computer software designers, they are spare, often people like compile a kind of battle of wits with the "game", thus the ability to exercise programming. This "game" great variety, but its features are the use of computer software had been designed "analysis," "Judgement" ability in turn, take the throne. As the constantly revised and updated the computer's "intelligence" difficult to separate high and low level people. Nolan California electrical engineer. Bushennaer see this "game" where the prospects. Back in college, Bushinaer once ran a casino, professional casino management know-how. Thus, in 1971, Bushennaer prepared according to their "tennis" game design the world's first commercial video game. Taiwan electronic tennis ebel 1911 replica game that has a dramatic experience: Bushennaer to see if it is accepted, the same owner of a nearby casino consultations it was placed in a corner of the entertainment field. Not two days, the boss called to tell him that the so-called Taiwan's "video game" is broken, so he went to repair. Bushinaer open the case, accidentally discovered the Coin Box and all were filled with coins, so obstinately hold out over the slot device. Success inspired further development and production of electronic games Bushennaer, for which he created the world's first electronic game company Atari Inc. ---.

Today, when we look back at the first video game Why can attract people, we can realize this truth: video games meet the people's desire for competition and confrontation, it is always a new challenge for competitors. At the same time, it can also provide a new picture for the winner and music enjoyment. After all, smaller than street casino play together at home easily and economically. Thus, electronic games began in the "family" of the direction of development, electronic technology breakthroughs are driving the game of "family" of the development process of the popularization of color television picture tube and scanning of large game board parts can be color TV replacement, making some microprocessor and display screen to achieve the separation. Then the game just made the equivalent of a signal generator, and the TV link to the formation of closed-circuit television system. This electronic game we usually call "home computer game", or simply known as "video game." The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as lc fiber connector , China mu fiber connector, and more. For more , please visit fiber optic connector today!