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Recently, China's largest homegrown management Software UF officially released outside the company's most innovative new product line UF U9V2.0. Director Mr. Li Tianshu Mount Antenna, Mr. Xiao Weiliang excellent Ruina Si CIO, CFO Beijing horse integrity Miss Zou Lei, Tsinghua University, National CIMS Engineering Research Center, Professor Fan Yushun, Ee-worksResearchCEO Dr. Huang Pei, and representatives from the Ministry of Industry and a number of government leaders and managers of 200 enterprises in China witnessed a world-class management software UFIDA U9's new roger dubuis hommage online listing.

UF U9 focused world-class manufacturing The new release, UFIDA Executive Vice President and fake piaget dancer Chief Operating Officer Lee on behalf of the company made UF the theme "U9 drive world-class manufacturing" speech, he said: "China is facing the economic structure adjustment, and manufactured industry as the core of China's economic transformation and upgrading will face even greater pressure on UF UF U9 is a company in China to drive world-class manufacturing to the transformation and upgrading and introduction of world-class management software. "

Accompanied in recent years, China's economic transition, climax, Mr Lee said: "UF will continue to increase world-class management software products U9 continued research and innovation. U9V2.0 released today is another innovation management software proof. to support a comprehensive world-class manufacturing solutions U9V2.0 information to fill the domestic equipment manufacturing industries for the information gap. "

It is reported that China's equipment manufacturing industry is the pillar industry of national strategies, but also the manufacturing sector has been most difficult to overcome the application management software, "restricted", U9V2.0 to achieve a breakthrough in this area, to fill the blank of domestic management software, more importantly, to meet the national strategic industry, information management needs.

UF senior vice president of software in the introduction to the Cihan U9V2.0 said: "U9 from the fake ebel 1911 watches project start, the orientation of China's world-class management software. So far, U9 is also China's management software industry, UF, individual software the largest R & D products. is the world's advanced management ideas and management models in China combined with a good business in China, starting with world-class management software. "

"UF last year in September the company pre-announced V2.0, and adopted a number of large enterprises and verify the success of our customers." Qi Han to introduce to the: "From the U9 birth, every step of the development of Chinese companies have been user support and help. "presence of customers in the same day, Shenzhen UF U9 Mount Antenna is the first customer, Tianjin, North China U9 UF excellent Ruina Si is the first customer, Beijing UF U9 horse is the first customer in Beijing.

UF U9V2.0 pre-release, it has been in many manufacturing companies have achieved a series of successful applications, covering a variety of industries, including equipment manufacturing, machinery, Electronic , Car Auto parts, furniture, distribution and retailing. U9 product development mission is to close to customers in the UF U9V2.0 release ceremony, invited customers to share the experience of many successful, has proved once again, UF customer business ideas and growing together with customers U9 spirit.

"We hope that the general well-being of UF U9V2.0 to Chinese manufacturers." Han said to the Church: UF 2010, the latest release the company's market theme of "happiness business" has a different meaning, when no U9 such high end of ERP products, a lot of domestic manufacturing companies can choose only foreign management software, long subject to the constraints of foreign products; with UF U9, they can get out of this bondage. In fact, this is also a form of happiness, for these high-end manufacturing enterprise can be localized and personalized services.

UF U9 innovative world-class management Years at UF U92008 V1.0 officially on the market, the largest experience to customers is to bring advanced SOA architecture and flexibility. As the world's first SOA architecture based on the development of world-class management software, UFIDA U9 information cartier watch replica for Chinese enterprises to continue to deepen the process, provide a long term relying on the advanced application and integration platform, energy and business management innovation and common development, and lay a solid base of information. .

Many enterprises to achieve management upgrade through U9. UF U9 manufacturing enterprises with a very fine management tool for complex manufacturers to easily achieve internal horizontal and vertical interlaced mode of management; U9 well supported by many organizations focus on network management and control of the nest structure, both groups organizations and organizations which horizontal operations control, or organization and the organizational relationship between levels of vertical, can be well supported.

On U9V2.0 Chinese companies bring new innovative applications, UF vice president of software applications and the total principal architect Huang Yizhang U9 description: U9V2.0 new version, the original version V1.0, V1.5 version, based on more intensive projects in manufacturing production, distribution and channel management, as well as for the global manufacturing conglomerate merger, a comprehensive budget, funds management, supports both vertical and more centralized control organization, also supports multi-lateral organizations, business collaboration. At the same time, intensified the application of many industries, particularly in breaking the Chinese management software lack the equipment manufacturing industry, up in the complex manufacturing management software products and services, lack of ability.

U9V2.0 is a globally distributed supply chain to meet the integrative management software, from enterprise to the assembly plant suppliers, supporting factories, channels, and customers can do the integration elgin grade fake watches of the integration. Although a business process may span many business units within the upstream and downstream businesses, but management is like running a process logic within the enterprise, like, very smooth. U9V2.0 meet a manufacturing conglomerate control of multi-organizational focus, through the Group strategic management, financial management, business operations and so achieve a high degree of integration, which is the focus of U9V2.0 new features to achieve a global distributed centralized supply chain integration control.

Project Manufacturing is U9V2.0 major breakthrough. More and more equipment-based manufacturing enterprise through project management to control the business activities, V2.0 has a complete decomposition of project tasks, project planning and scheduling, project requirements planning, project implementation and project cost control and other replica cartier panther watches capabilities, to meet a School-level design, plant-level process responsible for producing the complex.

Summary U9V2.0, Huang Yizhang that: U9 architecture fully supports the underlying service-oriented, flexible assembly of business processes, business requirements for customer applications. U9 multi-organizational management, capital flow, logistics, work flow, information flow and so can be a very small control unit, good coordination and integration among themselves. U9SOA through I am an expert from China Toys Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as cork stoppers , glass stopper.