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Autumn is peak season for home improvement, what the fall will be a home appliance trend? In line with the Five Star "Autumn Decoration Day" launch, as early as 2 months ago, Five Star in Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces of the country seven major market research. Survey released yesterday showed that the five-star appliances will fall a few shares of the new trend following.

Large-size flat panel TVs continue to be popular

Since 2004, the pace of development of flat panel TVs has repeatedly break the expectations of the trade. tudor watches for sale According to the PRC, shows that the amount from the sales point of view, flat panel TVs in 2006 accounted for more than 50% of the total market in 2007 will reach 70% of first-tier cities in the developed and even flat sales accounting for more than buy chronoswiss opus 90%. Five Star general manager selling for Shi Lei, audio-visual introduction into the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games countdown to the first anniversary of the final stage of terrestrial digital TV transmission standard formally announced, and the Ministry of digital TV receiver terminal device 1, the industry standard in 2007 officially implemented on 1, the Chinese color TV market blowing a wave fake cartier pasha c of new style different from the past, "HD", "dynamic" will be the biggest selling point products. From the price point of view, 7000? 15 thousand yuan will be plasma and LCD TV's mainstream, and large-size flat-panel TVs will be more popular with consumers, such as 50-inch plasma, 40/42 inch, 46/47 inch LCD are spending are breitling galactic replica watches preferred. Although the plasma has a color uniformity, brightness uniformity of the characteristics of long-term use of ion saturation degradation than the liquid crystal is much smaller, but looking at the dynamic images to worry about the screen trailing distortion, but for now China's color TV sales market of view, plasma generally only 32 inches, 50 inches and above, choose a small room, so the brand of LCD joint venture is still dominant, but patek philippe aquanaut fake watches the greater the selling.

Selling for five-star general manager of audio-visual introduction Shi Lei, the general 37-inch LCD, high prices, poor value for money, most consumers would rather choose the price continued to drop more than 40-inch flat panel. Judging from the flat sales, in addition to the large-screen models, planar, thin direction, the trend of its functions except the mainstream imaging features, product features and 3C integration, the direction towards the development of multimedia, intelligent, built-in hard drive , USB interface, can record multimedia features will be in focus.

Functional, safe, and convenient is the kitchen and the three key words consumer

"In recent years, consumers hoods, stoves, water heaters shopping concept than in the past have been major changes, from a few years ago with the price, look for the center to change to the current function quality, energy saving, environmental protection-oriented. "selling for five-star kitchen appliances, general manager Guo introduced kitchen appliances from the trend of the fall term, manufacturers of the product features and promotion of research and development efforts on relatively large.

Hood, the consumers of products from the appearance of the pursuit of European-style function gradually shifted to the pursuit of more fancy products, entertainment features such as embedded in the LCD TV or music enjoyment. In the new release, the side too, the boss, Shuaikang, Haier brand into the mainstream; cooker, Siemens, Shuaikang, Haier brand also features on the change, more attention to safe, convenient operation and other functions; power water heater, consumers more and more like a large volume of product, up from the original 60 liters to 100 liters, 150 liters of bath fully meet the requirements of consumers, especially in the modern family bathtub, massage bathtub universal; gas water heater , due glashutte original for sale to the replacement of natural gas, the product also increased from the original eight liters to 11 liters, 13 liters or more liters. Function, safety, convenience has become the autumn kitchen and consumption of the three key words.

As consumers and product features to improve living standards increase, the average price on kitchen appliances in the piece upward trend. The current average price in the piece hood from 1800 to 1900 yuan, in 1500 to 1,600 yuan cooker, water heater from 1650 to 1700 yuan over last year by approximately 100 to 200 yuan.

Drum, Washing Machine favored by consumers

Color plates, fresh, luxurious main character into the refrigerator market
Five Star Mining
wash off center ice, general manager Liu Ye Min introduction, and now consumers in the refrigerator, washing machine choices to personality, taste and comfort as the main element, a more popular high-end products.

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