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The selections in this book come predominantly from German and English sources which has drawn heavily on the mass of East Baltic folk-lore which gives but a iwc replicas feeble idea of the extent of Baltic folk-lore. In this volume you will find tales of Enchantments, Wizards, Witches, Magic Spells, Nixy Queens, Giants, Fairy White Reindeer, and glittering Treasures from the Baltic watch breitling replica Lands -- Estonia, Latvia, Lapland, Finland, and Lithuania. Their setting is the Long Northern Winter Nights with their brilliant displays of Northern Lights over the snow-covered tundra; or the brief Arctic summer--its sun burning night and day--with its fake breguet birds, flowers, insect-clouds, singing waters, and almost tropical heat; or the golden sunshine of the southern amber coast. But it is the Northern Lights themselves, flashing and flaming through the dark heavens, that cast daniel roth replica watches their mystic weirdness over many of these tales moulded by the peculiar imagination of the Sami and other European East Baltic folks. The farther our stories draw south from Lapland, the dimmer the Northern Lights become and as such a replica watches their influence on folk-tales aslo diminishes, untill at last they merge with the warmer lights of Lithuania - the amber-land. Wizards and wizardry abound in Lappish, Finnish, and Estonian tales. One only has to look at the Kalevala to realise this. But this is no epic poem. Witches tend to appear more often cheap breitling chrono avenger for sale in Latvian and Lithuanian ones. And in all these countries except Lapland, many European folk-tale themes, which we know in the Grimm collection, are found in new forms plus a whole host we are less familiar with like Naughty Naughty Spider, Little White Horse, Mannikin Long-Beard and more. So, if you're not entranced by the Northern Lights or out enjoying a hot summer's day, sit back and relax and discover a host of unfamiliar folklore and tales that stretch back to beginning of European civilisation and possibly beyond. 33% of the publisher's profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charity.