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If we consider all of the rooms in a home, there is something different about the bathroom. It's primary role is functional, not comfort; and its design is affected by a host of considerations that never need to be applied to a typical living room. What this means is that the light fittings in a bathroom can only be chosen after these extra factors are taken into account. Basically, the lights that may be used in a kitchen, dining room or hallway, often fail to be effective options there.
This is not to say, however, that a home-owner's hands are tied when it comes to options. In fact, the special nature of the bathroom has ensured that a illinois a lincoln on sale whole range of options are available, with style and quality cheap patek philippe neptune not aspects that have necessarily been abandoned elgin grade online in the cause of safety against humidity and moisture. Even a typical bathroom lighting system meets all of the criteria that is demanded by those of us with a keen sense of decor and design. Whether it is lights from the ceiling, for over the sink or simply wall lights to provided added illumination, style remains in plentiful supply.
One reason for paying special attention to the bathroom is the fact that, often, it requires more in terms of strategic illumination. Not everyone has the type of home that includes large windows through which an abundance of natural light can flow in. In fact, more often than not, the bathroom is located very discreetly in the building - whether it's a house or an apartment - and has small windows designed to serve the room's ventilation needs rather than its light issues. This means that extra lights are often added to ensure that basic bathroom activities, like shaving and skin treating can be done without having to negotiate shadows or dull light.
However, it will come as no surprise that the principal issue with bathrooms is the presence of moisture in the often humid air in the room. Hot showers and baths produce clouds of steam, which then condenses on the cold walls and ceiling before dripping or running downwards to the floor. If an electrical fixture, such as a light or light switch, is in the way, then electrical faults can occur. This is both dangerous and troublesome.
Moisture can also cause problems with the fittings themselves, with screws loosening in wood or plaster surfaces and individual parts of a light even cracking. While this may not be particularly dangerous, it is certainly troublesome - especially when countered by the knowledge that more suitable options are there to choose. Put simply, when it comes to choosing lights, there is a need to keep safety in mind.
Unfortunately, it is tempting to use the same lights and styles as those used in the rest of the home. Good examples are the installation of hanging pendant lights on the walls, or the shell-shaped flush lights that can serve to create a calmer ambiance in a room. While these are decorative and particularly stylish, the fact is that they are not cut out for the environment that they would be operating in. They are likely to fail, contribute to an electrical short and even an electrocution or a fire.
When it comes to bathroom lighting, there are specific safety standards that need to be adhered to. Purchasing lights that come with an IP21 rating means they have been designed with the prevention of moisture intrusion in mind. Lights should also be placed no closer than 60 centimetres from the bath or shower, from replica hamilton piping rock watch which most of the moisture comes and splashes of water can fly from.
Wall lights, like the Aqua polished chrome single lamp, offer a contemporary look to a bathroom while also meeting the safety requirements. Mirrored lights, meanwhile, provide another stylish option, with the Epsilon mirrored light, complete with frosted rings, offering a post-modern feel to the room. However, these lights are IP44 rated, meaning they should not be positioned less than 2.25m above a shower or bath.
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