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Complicated appliance industry standards, consumer has a headache Year (2006), the standard formulation of the country's reform approach. May, entrusted with the national standards for the pilot home appliances, open solicitation mobile air conditioning, water dispensers, humidifiers, electric kettle, Yuba and other eight national standards. In addition, to encourage enterprises to declare that other than the standard eight. June, Chinese appliance repair the introduction of the U.S. Association of "air-conditioning energy saving cleaning maintenance norms" and also issued a joint Haier "room air conditioner installation services specification." Since then, Zhi Gao to call for air-conditioning reliability standards, Konka has called for dual high-definition digital TV standard ... ... a time for enterprises to actively participate, enthusiastically declared, obviously the Chinese home appliance industry standard-setting speed. It is understood that approval of the water heater just adopted a new national standard, including the adoption of Haier "anti-power wall" technology proposal heater safety standards, performance standards for water heaters, water heater installation specifications. The industry believes that the implementation of new national standard electric water heater, those who do not have the patented technology related businesses will be no small blow. States scramble to the subject of the product development right to speak, also to take command. Fight off standard electric water heater In fact, the electric water heater has staged a national standard developed quite a strong smell of gunpowder, "war." In 2003, China's re-formulation of the standard electric water heater, electric water heaters sold by the top 3 of Haier, AO Smith, Ariston and national standard-setting committee composed of Shuai Kang Kangquan responsible for the formulation of new standards. Not to anti-electricity in the wall to be included in the standard issue, divided between several companies and had a heated argument. 06 8, the National Standardization Management Committee officially launched the ulysse nardin maxi marine replica drafting of national standards pilot units of public assembly, and published, including "household food waste disposers," and "hot and cold water dispenser" and the eight national standard drafting unit assembly. This news release, the United States immediately organized a group led by the technical director of the 6 Group flew to Beijing to attend the Management Committee by the national standards organizations of the defense of contention, including hot and cold drinking fountains, electric kettle, humidifier and mobile air-conditioning and replica breitling bentley mark iv air-conditioning installation specifications, etc. 5 national standards-making power. Market competition for standard setting fire fighting The battle over the standard formulation of the market quickly ignite the flames of war. In Asia have joined the humidifier humidifier announced the industry standard-setting competition for less than a week, the United States of the tit for tat to release the "'wet water' function fatwa." U.S. air-conditioning that the consumer has to buy a humidifier with an invoice for the purchase replica e howard watch co watches of new moist star can be the basis of the original price a few hundred dollars to consumers none other. When many of the industry are said with a smile, "the United States of such a large enterprise Otherwise keep up this small business general knowledge", they may not realize that the war between the appliance business is no longer a price This close melee combat. "Although only a small humidifier products, but about the air war situation in the North Market." Once the product standard-setting power changed hands because, even if the United States of this white giant sigh is regrettable that only Christians.
Standard should be intensified? Many rolex datejust ii replica watches industry interview that promote the standardization of reform, may also lead to the "standard" flying into a tool of marketing hype. China Association for Standardization Secretary-General Zhang believes that the enterprise involved in the development of standards, at home or just beginning. Some early speculation is normal phenomenon, because the standard enterprise system is to pay costs, to increase the visibility can be to promote understanding. Zhang believes that the standard formulation of "not too small," the road should take intensive. However, there are a number of technical indicators reach consensus of the industry, if the "perfectionist" can only be issued to buy panerai luminor 1950 gmt the standard delays. In fact, a field allows only one standard, but as the technology standard is mature and constantly revise, supplement, perfect integration. rolex datejust watches for sale Therefore, the current state continues to strongly encourage enterprises to participate in standard-setting. [Key words]: Home Appliances ? Water heater ? Washing machine Comment Large ? In ? Small We are high quality suppliers, our products such as China Quartz Watches , Lover Watches Manufacturer for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits Stainless Steel Watches.