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Transfer of shares "dye to help integration," Competitive advantage in Transfer of shares (002,010) is mainly engaged in Textile Auxiliaries of the production, processing, Sell . Among them, textile auxiliaries income accounted for 42.26% main income, dyes account for 33.59%, Leather Synthetic oil accounted for 23.27%. Company is the largest textile auxiliaries production company, is one of the leading industry in the country has about 10% market share, has obvious advantages of scale and brand. 2009-2011 Consolidated earnings per share the company predicted values were 0.62,0.71 and 0.78 dollars, corresponding to dynamic price-earnings ratio of 23 times, 20 times and 18 times; the current total of 11 analysts tracking, replica watches waltham vanguard which recommended a strong buy and buy 7 and 4, respectively, integrated rating factor 1.36. Transfer of shares in the three quarterly publication in 2009: basic earnings per share were 0.46 yuan, 0.46 yuan per share diluted earnings per share (net) 0.45 yuan, 3.21 yuan per share, net assets, return on equity of 14.3%, net After non-recurring net profit of 90,431,019.65 yuan profit and loss, revenue 1338977951.9 yuan, net profit attributable to parent company owners 93,185,527.38 yuan, attributable to equity shareholders of the parent 651,566,145.34 yuan. Performance in line with expectations. Margin recovery is still income fell 3% net profit growth of 107% of the main reasons. Expected 2009 net profit attributable to parent company owners 50% higher than last year? 80%. Company is China's textile chemicals, one of the replica rolex turn o graph watches leading industry, now has 10 varieties of products of about 200-300 products, printing and dyeing auxiliary capacity of 15 to 16 million tons of synthetic oil production capacity of 4 leather 50,000 tons. Auxiliaries domestic market share of about 8%, further increase in the future may be. Acquisition of the majority shareholder of the Group-owned dye transfer assets, control of reactive capacity of 35,000 tons, showing the "dyed help integration" significant progress breguet reine de naples replicas has been made, the company fake iwc will provide "one-stop shop" service have also enhanced , the company's overall competitive strength in the industry further enhance the industry leading position and more consolidation. Additional companies to best iwc replica watches be implemented more will enhance the company's profitability and ability to resist risks, will also enable the company's "dye to help integration" advantages to further highlight. As a global textile superpower, China's production of textile auxiliaries only 10% of the world, with developed countries, the global average of 15% and 7% of the gap is not small compared to the level. The global market with annual sales of printing and dyeing auxiliaries for more than 16 billion U.S. dollars, the domestic textile auxiliaries companies with annual sales of only 20 billion yuan. Along with the novelty of textiles, upgrading can and functional, our printing and dyeing auxiliary industry wide development space. 2009-2011 Pacific Securities expects the company earnings per share were 0.53,0.60,0.66 yuan, after additional consideration (assuming from the start of 2010 diluted) earnings per share for the company corresponding 0.53,0.48,0.53 dollars. Suppose a project in 2012 the company went into operation, according to the revenue contribution of 60% earnings per share to reach 0.77 yuan. Risk factors: international Financial Further deterioration of the crisis, trade protectionism and the proliferation of factors. replica waltham vanguard watches Transfer of shares: the demand quickly picked up profit forecast 2009 from January to September, the company achieved operating income of 1.339 billion yuan, down 9.95%; net profit attributable to parent company, the owner of 093 million yuan, up 52.51 percent; basic earnings per share were 0.46 yuan, slightly better in our expectations.

The first 3 quarter gross margins remain high. Prices of raw materials prices drive down prices below last year's level, the company earnings have to fall. The cost of raw materials fell as prices drop more than, additives industry consolidation, the company has improved gross margins, the first 3 quarter's gross margin of 23.85 percent, 6.11 percentage points year on year, 3-quarter gross margin declined slightly while the chain but still maintained a high level, as 23.63%. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as China mono ethylene glycol meg , China antifreeze mono ethylene glycol, antifreeze mono ethylene glycol,and more.