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According to the statistics show that while the outbreak of the second half of 2008 by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered an economic recession since 1923 has been the most serious crisis in the global real economy, the global majority of Europe and the United States, Asian countries and regions of the real economy by hit. However, Machine tool Tool industry is still with the rapid growth in 2007 and 2008, strong growth in the first half stood still, and in addition to South Korea, the countries and regions around the world machine tool industry has emerged in certain basic GDP growth. Japan, China, China Taiwan, South Korea in four countries and annual output value of machine tool machine tool output in the world respectively, the first, third, fifth and sixth. Four countries and regions of the world's annual output value of 47.1% of GDP, jaeger lecoultre master calendar on sale more than 15 European countries combined. Therefore, East Asia, the world's machine tool consumption in the major producing areas and their development of the world's machine tool industry will have a huge impact. kelbert bowling watch online With the financial crisis spread, the two major U.S. auto giant's bankruptcy, the world's machine tool industry suffered a heavy blow. Throughout the world machine tool market into a downturn. According to the European machine tool industry Cooperation Committee (CECIMO) survey of the first quarter of 2009, the European machine tool orders fell 53% year on year; the other, according to the U.S. sub-machine Pin Association (AMTDA) and the American Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) in the statistics, 1 June 2009, the U.S. machine tool consumption amount of 759 million U.S. dollars, higher than the same period in 2008 decreased 70.1%. World machine tool industry in order to change the current downturn in the early state, but also need some fast-growing fake marion watch co developing countries give a strong impetus to the entire machine tool industry, the common chronoswiss regulateur on sale open the door spring. China, as Asia and the world's fastest growing machine tool industry, the largest developing country consumption, its potential value is replica waltham riverside maximus watch obvious to all countries, and he is destined to become the world's machine tool industry, intense competition powers, the "battlefield." Although the outbreak of the financial crisis, China's machine tool, shipbuilding and other industries have also been some impact, but the Chinese government has adopted a series of measures to help revive the entire industry, including the 4 trillion to stimulate the economy and national investment Top Ten Industry Promotion planning to actively expand domestic demand policies. After nearly a year of hard and achieved good results. Since about 2009, the average monthly sales of car in one million or more, with the foreign car market in sharp contrast; wind power and Nuclear power Project has debut investment in the energy industry has experienced significant growth in size; Beijing to Shanghai, Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway to start work; aerospace industry in the country's policy of continuous development and growth. Development of these industries is bound to a new round of machine tool industry provide a strong impetus to growth. Addition to cheap hamilton elinvar for sale China, other Asian countries and regions, all machine tool industry has also appeared in a certain degree of development trends, which are to promote the recovery of machine tools market, providing a powerful guarantee. According to CECIMO statistics, this period of financial crisis, the European machine tool sales to China and other Asian developing countries maintained a relatively stable number of momentum.

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