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March 9, 2010 Sega held a night called "Early Music Festival the next day thanks to" "first day of Music" (Miku'sDay) of the first holographic sound future Projection Concert, concert extremely strong, 2500 concert tickets were sold out in an instant, even on the evening of singing more than 30,000 faithful who owns cluster network broadcast watched by paying the entire concert. Man known as the Japanese goddess of the early house sound coming into the world's first franck muller chronobanker for sale holographic projection technology using virtual idol concert. This virtual concert grand ceremony, although their names were called holographic projection concert, but the actual to, it does not claim to be a holographic projection technology used. The so-called holographic projection technology, is a holographic display technology, fake rolex cellini danaos watch reverse, essentially in the air or through a special lens to form three-dimensional stereoscopic images. Holographic Projection technology breakthrough in the traditional sound, light, electricity and limitations of space image color, contrast fake panerai luminor 1950 gmt watches and sharpness are very high, space sense, a strong sense of perspective. Different from the flat screen projection cheap iwc der flieger for sale surface by just two-dimensional perspective, shadows and other effects to achieve three-dimensional, holographic projection technology is the real 3D rendering images from any angle 360 �� view images of different aspects. The concert by using a 3D holographic transparent screen to the first tone to the full show. 3D hologram transparent holographic screen is a technology using transparent projection screen, projection screen that features a holographic image, only shows images from a particular angle, the angle of the light and ignore the other. Even in places where ambient light is very bright, but also show a very bright, clear images. In other words, this concert is the key 3D holographic transparent screen, jump on stage at the moment of the beginning of sound, no matter from which angle you look, you can see the beginning of a complete sound. Whether "the next day early sound concert" is not the use of the holographic projection technology, its innovative approach used in concert club in reality gave rise to a huge amazing, fantastic visual effects, which is about to change social reality in the way of entertainment images. In fact, in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, appeared on a hologram projector of this technology, when the U.S. CNN TV Stations in the coverage of the presidential election into a holographic technique. With holographic technology, far away in other parts of a reporter and anchor in front of the hologram can be projected onto the studio, like a face to face with the host site, like the dialogue.

In the daily work life, we also see holographic technology. Such as South Korea and Australia and Audi street dance showcase Sell Center applications, such as Rui Ka industry together 360 �� holographic projection technology, shown with Tiger image technology company's new Core conference recently intel2010 provided in holographic projection technology ... ... we can see from these cases, ball hamilton fake watches holographic fake patek philippe skeleton watch technology, the market is potential, future work will significantly change people's way of life. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as China Swing Arm Barrier , Parking Barrier Gates, Flap Barrier,and more.