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Since replica rolex gmt master watches the entry in February, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other front-line cities of the property market turnover decline, prices become more flexible, industry insiders believe that the property market has entered a period of wait and see game. National "two sessions" period, see, whether it be inside or outside, on strengthening the voice of the real estate market regulation and control is particularly strong. Construction of steel as elgin grade replica watches the cheap gerald genta retro solo real estate industry is one of the upstream product, its price trend has also become concerned about the hot rolex replica submariner spots. Manufacturers appear substantial inventory correction "Spring Festival holiday after 7 days, I went to Hubei, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui and other places steel mills last few years, found that business inventories than years ago, some manufacturers directly to ask me how much of this purchase, but no change in sales price." Oishi engaged in steel trading business, said Cheng. It is understood that the investigation agencies in 29 major cities in the survey show that at present 18 million tons of society the level of inventories, inventories dropped to normal levels in these markets, it takes 3 months time. The domestic steel production capacity pressures continue to release Steel City will have a negative effect, difficult to effectively decrease inventory. Mr. Cheng analysts believe that the passive steel production, the negative cut, but also the formation of a high level of inventory support. Reluctant to cut steel, has its difficulties, steel mills to retain market share, even if the losses have production, particularly steel companies are now getting smaller and smaller living space, then choose to produce, like the announcement of their existence. "Sometimes, eliminate backward production capacity that's easier said than done is difficult, and some cities in local protectionism still exists." Wire Rod and Rebar 3,800 yuan a support The reporter learned from March 9th learned steel market in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Steel, Shaoguan Steel, Yufeng three major steel mills in Guangdong and steel wire rod and rebar production in 3800 yuan / ton on the strong support, and some breakthroughs in 4000 yuan / ton. Shiqiao steel in the construction business for many years Mr Wong believes that the current steel market is seasonally weak period, greater varieties of hung upside down, two at the end, there are 15 varieties of ex-factory price of steel is higher than market price. The recent consolidation of the kinetic energy market prices exist, iron ore prices, steel mills upstream product coke prices and international crude oil break through 80 U.S. dollars / barrel may be relevant. With the tightening of domestic credit to the normal replica cartier tortue watch level, steel prices will appear callback. At high prices, the purchase will decrease downstream users, local merchants said the high prices hard to accept low volumes. Mr. Cheng believes that an increase in the rainy season in March, to an adverse construction sites, but also affect construction steel sales. However, the current feedback information from a number of steel mills of view, in the production of medium and large steel mills have a certain monopoly, selling part of the same. But the market there is competition, steel consumption is completely free market, especially in low value-added, highly competitive species, such as rebar and wire, there is no monopoly. High-yield, high inventory, so that steel prices slightly shock difficult to effectively market prices upward. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality replica audemars piguet swiss product, such as China Geared Electric Motor , DC Electric Motor, DC Gear Motor,and more.