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As early as 9:00 Pharmaceutical: September 9 Pharmaceutical News Summary and Comment
HC pharmaceutical industry network In China, Medicine Industry concentration is low, large-scale industrialization, intensive level is not high. Years Sell Income of less than 50 million yuan of the pharmaceutical companies for more than 70%, while large enterprises (essentially equivalent to hundred enterprises) all pharmaceutical enterprises in China accounted for only 1.83% number. Because many small, scattered, low long-term pattern of the pharmaceutical industry failed to improve, independent innovation and high value-added products lack almost all enterprises in the same level of vicious competition, of which a small generic drugs business is struggling. So many small businesses how generic drugs to compete in the fierce it?

Differentiation focus strategy for small business stand out generic drugs the first choice
Company cartier fake has three basic competitive strategies: cost leadership, differentiation strategy, focus strategy. Enterprises must choose one of these three strategies, as its dominant strategy. Either the cost control to a lower level than its competitors; or in the formation of enterprise products and services unique characteristics, so that customers feel that you offer more value than the other competitors; or enterprise dedicated to a particular a specific market segment, a particular product category or a specific geographic area.

Generic drugs business of small little cost advantage and feasible corum spartacus online strategy is to focus on strategy and differentiation strategy combination, pool resources and capacity, at some point to seek a breakthrough by differentiated competition, namely: differentiation focus strategy.

In general, competition can be divided into six levels, from the price level, quality level, functional level, service level, technical level, has been developed to the brand level. For small and medium sized pharmaceutical enterprises, apart from some enterprises have established the brand advantages, we in the price, technology, quality, functional level, there is no significant difference, can only spell services. Therefore, we must carefully study and analyze their competitive environment, full of competitors, while carefully assessing their own resources and capacity to concentrate superior forces, find out a breakthrough. In other words, must be found to be different strategies and methods, the only way to escape being beaten corporate position, one step ahead of others.

Z Pharmaceuticals was established 50 years to produce, OTC sales of proprietary cultivars, prescription drugs rely on investment Proxy Model, the market is basically limited to the province. For various reasons, enterprises in brand building, R & D and technology, market network, and team building has been no major breakthrough. How does a breakthrough in sales? Z pharmaceutical companies decided to find their own advantage.

After careful screening, we found treatment of stone products manufacturer T less, with some products selling point: pure Traditional Chinese medicine Preparation, is better. Region also has some advantages: While the development of the hospital less, but there are several degrees of good scientific director of identity. In addition, a higher prevalence of local stone, cartier vendome for sale but no prominent strong brand. Therefore, the company decided to increase the academic promotion, giving priority to bigger product T. Enterprises rely on regional experts, professional societies, in close coordination with the agents, through active participation in academic conferences at the provincial level, hospitals will promote, departments will, clinical observation, and papers published in professional journals published Advertisement Form, so that the sales of the original hospital has been greatly improved, and developed a number of high quality hospitals. The products of similar species in the province of T top, single-product sales increased from 2000 million to nearly 50 million yuan.

Z Pharmaceutical's success is the differentiation strategy ( Marketing Mode by a simple increase in the academic investment promotion agency, public relations, in fact belong to "service fake rolex cellini danaos for sale differentiation strategy") and centralized strategy omega seamaster professional for sale (focus resources on a product, a strategy and a regional market, the product focus strategy, regional centralized strategy, plus "strategy centralized strategy") combination that together differentiation strategy.

Continuous build the core competitiveness of small generic drugs the only way for enterprises to grow

Basic competitive strategy is a static thinking, is the market, competitors, consumers placed in strategic design process of starting points. "One little trick" differentiation focus strategy can help small businesses to lay the basis for short-term survival, in order to obtain long-term sustainable development and growth, you must have long-term cheap cartier competitive advantage. Long-term competitive advantage must be "close the mouths of fresh", through continuous innovation, constantly strengthen its core competitiveness will be achieved. I am an expert from Components Electronic suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as fish wind chime , wind chime sound.