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Less than two months from the end of time for the turn in a satisfactory report card,
Home Appliances
Start betting at the end of store
. Yesterday (Nov. 3), Suning, Gome and Dazhong home appliance giant, while the three "Sword", in addition to direct price cuts this weekend, but also reduced by lowering the threshold for full, no shopping and prizes to attract customers to the door consumer. Although the relevant investigative bodies predict that Beijing will Yousan Cheng household appliance market is about the fourth quarter of the increase, the higher the expected appliance business.

Straight down the procurement price of large unit

Big purchases, and down commodity prices, at the end of promotion in a business killer. Zhaorui Jie, general manager of Dazhong Electronics, said the order to 2 billion yuan sales concentrate resources in the overall price of household appliances down by 15% -30%. For example, a 10 million-pixel camera fake dubey schaldenbrand watches Canon special price is only 794 yuan. Also, at the end of each appliance manufacturers new focus is the listing of the season, Gome and Suning the year-end sales battle, were obtained
, LG, Nokia and Skyworth, etc. in the replica concord mariner new support. Limited supply of some of the usual preferential models, this is no longer a limit on the number.

In previous years over the end of appliance sales in 3000 by such measures as 300 different businesses this year, reducing the "full cut" the starting point. Suning Beijing launched buy
At least 600 yuan according to product photo straight down 100 promotions. Sized to simply "Water more" commodity "price tag" straight down, some more direct benefits. Beijing Gome anniversary by 9 time, a single product category over the whole 1,000 yuan to send gifts, etc. 888.

In the promotion, the business activities of the usual shopping draw is no shopping home appliance stores to draw directly. Medium and large ready to draw nearly 1 million single, full access to medium and large stores to open consumers, the highest award for the Passat
. Similarly, Beijing Suning has announced that all holders of Suning membership cards, no shopping, you can go to the store to participate, "Tokyo Free Tour" program.

Three major home appliance giant said that only re-release of a large-scale promotion, actually the price down, can really attract consumers.

TM to
Additional subsidy policy

The end of World War II promotion, the state policy of stimulating consumption of hot contention to become merchants. Suning, Gome stores such as home replica gerald genta retro classic appliances direct drop in price based on the country can again enjoy a 10% subsidy, the same time, an additional 10% of the joint factory subsidies.

"At present,
, Refrigerators, washing machines, chopard mille miglia watches for sale air conditioners and computers, five major products, participants TM zeno basel pilot oversized gmt online to sales accounting for up to 45%. "Suning Appliance Fan Zhijun, executive president of the North China area description, trade-in policies to stimulate the residents of the home appliance replacement initiative. It is understood that, in just the past National Day Golden Week in, trade-driven appliance sales half. Beijing pre-market 9 months sales of energy-efficient air-conditioning increase over last year nearly doubled
Washing Machine
, Large-capacity on the open refrigerator sales than last year.

"Some of the family in the demand for higher end new appliances, household appliances TM to pull effect will be more obvious." Relevant official said Beijing Gome. According to industry sources, early next year, will face the TM to other consumer electronics market policy "renewal" of the problem, how to use policy to maximize drive sales, is the home appliance manufacturers in the meantime the focus of attention. replica hublot big bang king

Beijing market in the fourth quarter will increase by 3 percent

Through the first three quarters of gradually warming, coupled with the rigid end of consumer demand, the capital goods market has been a winner. Yesterday, the PRC, from the Beijing market research firm's statistics show that Beijing electronics market has shown signs of rapid warming trend in the fourth quarter are expected to rise 29.3% year on year. Consumer electronics market this year than in 2008 increased by one percentage point increase over 2007 over 1 percent.

However, businesses are not satisfied with the situation in accordance with the existing estimates. Suning Appliance in the latest three quarterly predicted steady growth in sales, its annual net profit increase of 25% -40%, compared with 15% in first three quarters of the average growth has improved significantly. Fan Zhijun on the Beijing market in the fourth quarter sales were relatively confident that the first three quarters than significant upgrade, and the effectiveness of Beijing Suning's single store company also higher than the national average. I am an expert from China Toys Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as 12 volt power adapters , usb midi cable adapter.