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In turn near the end of the year, Xicheng major business force in secretly made preparations for Christmas and the New Year's Day promotions, Xicheng shopping malls ready shown a promotional war, from department stores to Building Materials Home , Get your house in 2000 1000, 1200 then I get home draw in 2000 up to 5000, and more, buy you cheap gerald genta solo watches can be able to get 100 or not to buy a BMW!

None other businesses, consumers should follow to acknowledge it were waving their fists ready to join the rush to buy a tide! Diving prices of so many "high return" stream of activities among the replica ulysse nardin quadrato various stores, consumers really benefit a lot from it? cheap patek philippe neptune for sale It looks beautiful in a gluttonous feast, Who should pay? Marketplace? Dealers? Manufacturers? Or consumers?

I visited with this question several large-scale Furniture Shopping malls, in Furniture Marketplace found that the phenomenon of high-priced low discount basic as most of the normal business Sell Form. I randomly walked into a furniture store, a Chinese and a plate rolex watches knockoffs Bedside cabinet , Priced at 4,580 yuan, the author asked whether the discount, the sales staff fake roger dubuis much more watch that can enjoy 6 discount, calculated after the price of 2748, the author said that the price is still high, the sales staff said: "If you can pay the deposit today, then discount price can do. "

I turn in a circle furniture stores, found that almost all of the furniture brand has a certain degree of discount, even more well-known brands do not discount the phenomenon does not occur. European Furniture, Software installation And some Decoration Auxiliary of the high price and low discount phenomenon is particularly serious. According to industry sources, the price of common furniture, water, ranging from unrealistically high 30% to more than 50% or more. I found the original price in the market after nearly million discount only 3,500 yuan, the price of the existence of water can be imagined.

Then I came to the industry in quality and original design furniture, D. renowned franchise store, the sales staff asked that, Dixon furniture stores are all franchised sales price of the implementation of national unity, if not set and guided the implementation of the factory have unrealistically high price case, the management of a verified, will be given heavy penalties!

High price for this standard, low discount phenomenon, some of the industry's sales staff that this phenomenon will bargain for those who can get psychological comfort of customers, businesses do not suffer losses. For customers that do not haggle, businesses can take the opportunity to earn more profits.

Prevalent in the home store "codes virtual price" issue not only violated the consumer's right to information and fair trading rights, but also led to confusion in the home market, resulting in consumer trust in business greatly reduced. "A clearly" raised the slogan it easy to implement, however, the market is a long process.

"A clearly" system for those who "enjoy" haggle up consumer acceptance still some difficulties, cheap girard perregaux lady f watches for distributors to continuously improve their services more to keep training for sales staff, sales staff only recognized " a clearly "benefits, to a more detailed explanation for the consumers so that consumers know," a clearly "accept" a clearly! " I am an expert from China Auto Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as plastic bed tray , fabric parsons chairs.