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Set up 16 years of Suning Appliance, expanding business scale, quicken the process, the information process through four stages, namely, information service systems, sales and financial information, ERP information technology and business information. 2006 2 22 , CECA national Evaluation Centre's "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" Forum held in Beijing, Suning Appliance No. 45, a hundred enterprises in selected retailers only. Start Information Project Suning Appliance stores from the air conditioning started, but the biggest bottleneck is the air conditioning sales service. In 1994, Suning customers to make the management of air conditioning, to establish the first set of DOS operating system based on a complete service management system, customers purchase air-conditioned delivery of information, installation information, maintenance records and other data stored in the database by the computer process management, build customer database system to achieve 100% customer return visit, the first in the air conditioning industry to establish a complete sales service management system. 1996, in order to meet the fast-growing demand for air conditioning business, Su Ning, the second generation of information engineering: information technology sales and financial system, set up shopping malls, logistics, warehouse, service centers, local area network system the use of information systems for stock management, distribution management, warehouse management and after-sales service management. In 1996, Suning became the first retail computer billing to achieve commercial retail enterprises. 2000 Suning implementation of the third generation of information technology projects: a centralized ERP information management system. Subsidiaries, stores are not set up the server, through the ATM network directly connected with the headquarters, the sales network covering stores, warehouses, service centers and after-sales outlets, through the line directly connected with various subsidiaries, commodity code, all kinds of information, Accounts high degree of unity. In 2001, China-based B2B B2C electrical network and the Suning Appliance-based network has on-line operation. In 2003, Suning to implement centralized office automation systems, the achievement of the technology and electronic workflow. rolex cellini for sale 2005 7, Suning start the fourth generation of information technology projects, SAP / ERP system successfully on the line in 2006, completely changing the operating mode of Suning, the tradition of simple, extensive, and strength of the business operation of a comprehensive upgrade to a modern, high-tech type of business. Said Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Appliance, modern retail capital-intensive, technology-intensive, personnel-intensive industry, more and more obvious characteristics, level of trade barriers and increasing competition, while Suning information investment in technology and achievements as one of the core competitiveness Suning. Establish an information technology platform 2006 howard series replica 4 11, Suning Appliance and the German company SAP, IBM announced the headquarters in Nanjing Suning, Suning Appliance SAP / ERP success on the line, Suning into an international-class information technology platform. IBM Business Consulting Services Business Group General Manager of Greater Alexander Fung expressed, SAP / ERP successful implementation of the on-line is only the first step cheap breguet marine royale Suning new journey. Suning SAP / ERP, project took nine months to spend about 80 million yuan, setting a world's buy parmigiani watches largest retail SAP implementation, the shortest cycle of two records, leading in the domestic retail level. Suning through SAP / ERP as the core of international information platform, a multi-media control system, including video surveillance, video communication, information gathering, command scheduling, intelligence, police and other functions, on the face and the national chain stores real-time image monitoring logistics center, headquarters and a large area remote monitoring center for real-time monitoring of multimedia chain, logistics, warehouse, sale outlets, and an important place for the operation of the gerald genta online national chain network, "leaving home" the full range of remote management, the National Suning 100 City customer service center, using the internal VOIP network and the call center into a centralized system combined with the distributed customer relationship management system, the establishment of 50 million customers spending database, the implementation of data-based marketing.

New on-line SAP / ERP systems to achieve full membership Suning sales and cross-regional, cross-platform information management. Suning to achieve simultaneous operation of more than 20,000 terminals per hour 100 000 document processing sales orders, coupled with the corresponding logistics, after sales, customer service system synchronization, 400 000 times per hour capacity, equivalent to 100 per second multiple transactions, and improve the management efficiency. SAP system is operational, changes in the supply of retail goods previously dispersed situation, formation of regional companies share the advantages of storage, the company reduced by 50% or more storage area, inventory reduced by 20% -50%, increased inventory turnover of 20% -60% rate. Enterprise reaction speed, fake baume mercier for sale commodity trading time, saving the upper and lower transaction costs. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as China Wooden USB Flash Drive , Crystal USB Drive Manufacturer for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits Leather USB Flash Drive.