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< BR> States United States Release air conditioner market consumption trends report that price cuts are inevitable, universal energy-efficient air conditioning, off-season Sell Not light <BR> States United States on March 3 issued "2010 air conditioner market consumption trends report", said the replacement air conditioner market ushered in the peak sales this year, Heavy Air 10%, and after Suning Pre-price forecast up 10% of the machine is just the opposite. <BR> States United States expects the United States in 2010 China will sell 18 billion yuan air-conditioning, increased 65.5% compared with 2009. The energy-efficient air conditioning and Inverter air conditioner Will become the mainstream, into the universal time, more will reach more than 20% decline. <BR> Demand for 35 million units pre-conditioning <BR> 1990-2004 year is the peak of the first round of consumer appliances, and durable appliances are 8-10 years of useful life. Gome said the new round of home appliances has come to update the cheap hamilton piping rock for sale peak, in a second tier cities in the number of consumers to buy household appliances, the replacement has already accounted for nearly 40%. Considerable amount of upgrading, the market is big and the country in 2010 U.S. demand for domestic air conditioning products close to 35 million units. <BR> The other hand, pick up the real estate market growth and state policies " TM to "Policy on air conditioning consumption in 2010 pulled up a larger role to play. <BR> 2009, the whole area of the national real estate sales rose 42.1%. Real estate new homes Decoration In 2010 at least needs to bring 8.56 million air conditioners. <BR> According to the Ministry of Commerce statistics, as of January 14, 2010, 9 "TM" policy of the five pilot provinces and cities new class of home appliances sales of 17.67 billion yuan. According to a report by the U.S. State in 2009, accounting for air conditioning TM to sell 11.2% of total sales. With the policy of promotion, best rolex replicas air conditioning TM to sales in 2010 will look forward to even greater growth. <BR> High efficiency, inverter air conditioner two percent price reduction <BR> 2009 6 1st, National cheap porsche design started " Projects that benefit the energy-saving products ", On the consumption of energy-efficient air-conditioning subsidies for energy conservation. As of December 31, 2009, the country to promote one or two energy-efficient energy-saving air-conditioning 4.2 million units sold in 2008 for the year 3 times, high efficiency energy-saving air-conditioning market share from about 5% before the spread of up to 50%. <BR> There are currently 27 finalists 4290 product third section, "energy-saving products projects that benefit the" fake oris sportsman watches promotion of energy efficient air conditioning. This means that in 2010 one, two energy-efficient air conditioning to high-volume mass production, will be followed by a decline in production costs. <BR> National TM, Appliances to the countryside , The promotion of energy conservation projects that benefit the manufacturers scale production led to lower costs, coupled with the country the United States in 2010 with the upstream manufacturers improve supply chain efficiency, the National Heavy U.S. air conditioning in 2010 10%, sales of air conditioning 18 billion yuan more than in 2009 upgrade 65.5%; and efficient inverter air conditioner price drop will reach more than 20%. <BR> Popularity of this year or in the first year of inverter air conditioner <BR> "With the combined effect of multiple factors, inverter air conditioner officially entered the era of parity," GOME Group Vice President Li Juntao Introduction, "in 2009, the National US-system inverter air conditioner proportion rose from 16.7% to 29%, showing high growth, If 2009 is a transitional period of inverter air conditioner, then 2010 will be the inverter air conditioner is truly universal first year. " <BR> Upgrading appliances urban peak coming at the same time ushering rolex explorer ii watches for sale in energy efficiency, inverter air conditioner prices generally declined, with energy to enhance environmental awareness, means that more consumers choose to buy converter air conditioning. rolex cellini danaos on sale <BR> Daily presence of energy-efficient air conditioning, so that air conditioning is no longer just the "air conditioner" role. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as Colorful Duct Tape Manufacturer , Masking Tape, Hot Melt Adhesive Tape,and more.