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April 15, 2007 States United States Global home appliances Forum held in Beijing. Forum will be the spirit of "sincere cooperation and win-win progress," the concept of "quality of life of home appliances," this major livelihood issues of great concern, as well as appliance manufacturers and retailers of corporate responsibility, industry issues such columbus watch co online as the value of research and study. By appliance manufacturers, appliance retailers their own efforts, in particular the two sides in good faith, harmony and win-win model of cooperation to jointly promote the continuous consumer appliances to improve the quality of life. HC Home Network swiss breitling replicas on this forum to do the whole live, click to enter
"2007 Global GOME Appliance Forum" buy cartier pasha c

The following is the executive vice president of Gome Group, Mr. Wang Junzhou keynote speech at the forum.

Wang Junzhou: distinguished leaders, distinguished ladies and gentlemen.
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States U.S. Vice President Wang Junzhou

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China's economy has experienced rapid and steady development in recent years, per capita GDP in 2006, has more than 2,000 U.S. dollars, such as Beijing, Shanghai and some cities are close to the consumption level of moderately developed countries, people's living standards steadily improve the social environment has undergone dramatic changes, technological progress, and the resulting consumption structure and household appliances household appliances huge changes in consumer demand.

From the product point of view, the basic popularity of the traditional household appliances in the large cities, into the replacement period, communication, digital, fast-growing demand for computer products, electrical products to people's lives bring great convenience for consumers fully aware of the civilization of modern technology has become an integral part of mass consumption, greatly enhance people's quality of life. Some products on behalf of the trends of this fashion trend. fake rockford grade for sale

From the consuming point of view, modern appliances consumer presents a new feature, consumers have become increasingly prominent phenomenon of the diversification, the diversification of consumer demand, differentiated demand, consumer psychology has become more mature and rational focus on value-oriented consumer more concerned about the self, individuality and the pursuit of more convenient, comfortable life, and now consumers have not only met the functional implementation of simple and more to find in the shopping process more psychological and spiritual satisfaction.

From the consumption channels of view, home appliance chain sales channels, the rapid development in recent years, in people's lives will play an increasingly important role.

First, the home appliance chain channel will occupy the dominant position of Chinese home appliances market. People buy for home appliances at this stage the choice of channel diversity, for example, have home appliance chain, large supermarkets, hypermarkets, digital IT retail outlets, department stores, mobile phone chain, e-commerce and so on. Jane Gabriel, according to Shanghai through consensus in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenyang and other cities more than a dozen consumer groups in the survey that home appliances, home appliance chain channel format has been very prominent in the well-known, up to purchase replica breitling colt ocean watch and the future purchase intentions are far more than any other of the forms. One appliance chain business areas in the future purchase intentions clear upward trend, while the large supermarkets and the downward trend is more prominent, other Yetai have different degrees of decline. In the global home appliance chain business, both in the United States, Europe, Japan has played a dominant position. I am a professional writer from China Textile and Leather, which contains a great deal of information about sagem fax , olivetti fax, welcome to visit!