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It is a known fact that if an individual is in good shape they enjoy good health and a better quality of life. There is a high percentage of individuals who are not sure if they are in good shape and do not know how to find out. This is where a physical therapist can be of tremendous assistance. Most individuals who are not sure if they are in good shape or not are not aware that they can seek the help of a physical therapist to find out. The fact is that a physical therapist can be very helpful when it comes fake chronoswiss lunar for sale to determining health status. They can do a focused evaluation of an individual's health and then design a health and wellness program that will ensure the patient can restore their health or maintain their existing good health status. The physical therapist walks through the current fitness level with the individual in detail which provides better results than simply eating right and exercising in hope that the results will follow. Along with the detailed health and wellness girard perregaux ferrari replicas plan are general indications that an individual can use to gauge whether or not they are in good shape. Walking up a flight of stairs is fake corum a good indicator to measure whether or not a person is in good shape. If it is hard to breathe after reaching the top it is certainly time to seek the help of a physical therapist to pursue a health and wellness plan. If injury seems like it happens on a regular basis this is a sign of being out of shape. A physical therapist can be of tremendous assistance with a personalized strength training regimen which will prevent injuries. Obesity and physical inactivity is a sure sign of being out of shape. A person who is good shape will maintain a weight that correlates with their body type and age. If obesity and physical inactivity is a problem it is possible to seek the expertise and guidance from a physical therapist. The support and ongoing supervision will also help to ensure continuity with the program. Feeling tired and drained most of the time when other people are still buy girard perregaux vintage on the go is a sign of being out of shape. If there is still energy left over to do other things at the end of the day this is cartier tonneau watches for sale a sign of being in good shape. For individuals who think physical therapy is only about treating injuries it may help to know that a physical therapist is capable of designing a personal health and wellness program that targets individual health issues and ensures ongoing good health. A lot of people seek an annual checkup with a physical therapist and then remain replica blancpain leman under their guidance as they go through a health and wellness program throughout the year.
The truth to the matter is that physical therapy is not just for injuries anymore. Start enjoying good health and fitness with help and support by paying a visit to a physical therapist today. About Carol Lane: Carol Lane has been a health-and-wellness expert for over 18 years. Lane served as a physical therapist in the Army for four years, ensuring the men and women fighting for our freedom remained fit and well. Lane has also spent seven years working in various rehab facilities and home health agencies helping children and adults take care of themselves.
In 1998, Lane established her own practice, Results Physical Therapy . Results initially specialized in older adult exercise programs and manual therapy, and then expanded to preventive care for adults of all ages, which allows patients to handle problems before they become serious as well as maintaining the health they have. In 2006, she expanded her practice to the Greater Bangor and Dexter areas in Maine. Lane has a B.S. in physical therapy from Daemen College, and a master's degree in interdisciplinary studies, and a minor in healthcare administration from San Marcos State University. Her patients say they like the opportunity to take better care of themselves in a friendly, enjoyable environment which she and her team strive to achieve on a continual basis.