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Yesterday, Google Again hot lead users. Open carefully, users search Google surprised the discovery that her LOGO icon into Pac-Man game screen. Google confirmed fake rockford grade watch that, Pac-Man game on May 22, 1980 launch in Japan, this is a celebration of "Pac-Man" 30 years old birthday. cheap iwc grand complication

Google users change the public onlookers Arcade
"So funny, play games with ah! Fast open Google search, Google icon into arcade games." Yesterday 23:26, 1 users told reporters. Reporter then open the link to our Google home page, found LOGO animation game has replaced the original I'm Feeling Lucky button is also replaced InsertCoin (insert coins).

The background of the game are mainly black. Screen, "Google" 6-letter-like maze of corridors images, four colors were red, yellow, blue, green ghost face symbol in the maze of the shuttle, though in search of a yellow half-closed circle symbols. When a reporter pressed on the keyboard direction keys, the symbol can be replica breitling chrono cockpit watches found walking the yellow circle, and can devour the small soybean maze path, but encountered a ghost face symbol should be eaten.

Soon, the heat transfer network LOGO transfiguration Google news. Yesterday 0:25, that someone posted in the Baidu Post Bar, said: "Google looks like being black, and front page of a game, but he still can play. Come crowd!" replica watches roger dubuis much more

Friends: "Pac-Man" It's nostalgia
"Of the last century 90's elementary school, I played this on the handheld game, can not afford their own, students borrowed to play." Friend of Mr. Zhou's description, the name of the game called "Pac-Man "" Now Google can play on, and winter ridge nostalgic feeling. "Chow evaluation, Google home page on the Pac-Man games, the elements ranging, players can use not only the role of the mouse and buy armand nicolet arrow keys to control movement Even the best swiss replica watches music and reward settings are identical with the original. In addition, click on the search box below the "coin" can also play double Cooperation Mode. "Transformed amazing, comparable to the official version!" Mr Chow said.

According to reports, Pac-Man game on May 22, 1980 was born in Japan, once introduced by the crowd's favorite on, as the hero who set the strange, as if one had eaten a piece of round bread, more Never forget that people.

Google: the "Pac-Man" of 30-year-old birthday

Some users suspect, LOGO transfiguration was attacked by hackers altered the web page. In response, Google China Jin-hong, director of public relations said in an interview, LOGO transfiguration has nothing to do with hackers, a move designed for "Pac-Man" 30 years old birthday. Google has always had a special date in the habit of changing LOGO sites, such as Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, etc., this is a corporate culture. The transfiguration of LOGO, is a special technique of "Pac-Man" birthday. Wong Kam Hung said that this is the first time Google users can interact LOGO into animated images. I am an expert from China Textile and Leather, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as via ac97 enhanced audio controller , neon light transformers.