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The challenges in cyberspace are vibrant and IT security professionals face manifold challenges in defending the national assets from cyber threats. The cyberspace is today characterized of frequent attacks on websites, computers and networks of public and private organizations by individuals, cybercriminals loyal to rival nation states, rival intelligence agencies and organized crime syndicates. The motivation behind attacks may include data leakage, creating panic, corporate espionage or causing breakdown of replica toy watch operations. Government bodies now depend on Internet technology for daily operations. The recent events such as leakage of diplomatic cables and classified documents by WikiLeaks as well as the repeated attacks replica watches ebel mini classic by Anonymous group on public and private organizations indicate growing threat of disruption of government operations. Recently, governors of different states explored the threats emanating from the cyberspace during the winter meeting of National Governors Association (NGA) of the United States (U.S). The governors discussed the potential implications of the different forms of cyber threats and the steps required to be initiated to safeguard the computer systems and networks by governments across the country. The governors were deliberating on the topic at a session titled "Cyber Security: States' Role in Protecting against inside Threats, Hackers and Terrorists". Cybercriminals always scan the networks to steal and misuse information concerning individuals, businesses and cheap concord impresario government agencies. The threats such as installation of malicious files containing viruses and malware, unauthorized access, information theft or leakage and identity theft may have severe financial and strategic implications for the affected individuals and bodies. Insider threats such as unauthorized access to privileged information or leakage of sensitive information by a disgruntled employee are difficult to identify and pose challenge for the management. Rival intelligence agencies may target computer systems of government agencies to steal strategic information concerning scientific developments, defense capabilities and government gerald genta arena perpetual on sale policies. Such attacks pose threat to national security. The governors emphasized on protection of electronic systems and networks. In the recent times, cybercrime has evolved as an organized crime. The organized groups assign different roles to different members of the group. The modus-operandi of the attackers has also grown in sophistication. There remains a risk of terrorist organizations using the developments in cybercrime to evolve strategies to attack critical infrastructural facilities such as transport systems and power fake armand nicolet tramelan for sale grids to disrupt operations and cause panic among the public. Governments must invest in evolving new mechanisms to prevent, identify and mitigate threats to information infrastructure. Government bodies need to create cyber security warriors such as system administrators, network administrators, computer forensic experts, ethical hackers, security auditors, incident management experts to meet the future challenges in the cyber space. Educational institutions must encourage cyber security education through online degree programs. Industry must regularly assess the talent required to protect computer systems and networks from diverse cyber threats. In addition to the regular security certification courses, online university degree courses may help cyber security professionals in updating their technical know-how and acquiring new skills. The evolving replica cartier pasha watch threats from the cyberspace need proactive intervention from government bodies, industry, academic institutions and defense establishments. Universities must also update their curriculum in line with the latest threat scenario. Universities must coordinate with corporate bodies and government agencies to develop new courses in cyber security in accordance with the practical skill requirements. Introduction of new courses such as masters of security science may help the aspiring security specialists to refine their skills and develop new mechanisms to defend information infrastructure.