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And contrast the situation in home appliance industry today, before 2001, life's home appliance industry in Shenzhen is a "cool" character. Clean their own house, agents That time, Shenzhen, home appliances agents can be said to fame, 23 10 point margin attracted a group of people squeezed into the crowded industry. Shenzhen height is said to only air conditioning products, as many as hundreds of agents. Ming-up, the new source is the success Brands Chu entered the home appliance retail market, a typical example of the terminal. , Of course, no matter how moist the day where there is always unsatisfactory, though unsatisfactory, and that time is trivial compared to today. People Fengeng squeeze in more people, each person share a number of naturally diluted. In 2001, the gross margin from 23 agents Laode ten points within the steep drop to 10 points. Into the ranks of home appliances agents more people, competition began to move to a higher level?? Appliance dealers beginning in size to start fight. At that time the manufacturers of the game chain, the link is fairly small business, so the right to speak lies in the hands of manufacturers. Manufacturers often give a good sales agent under the cheap patek philippe tourbillon for sale mandate cheap franck muller master square of the prior. No ebel type e replicas matter how the actual sales per month, agents should be regularly scheduled sales models will hit the factory on account. And agents to sell goods to buyers, sometimes it is to delay a month or even three months to see the money. The year-end rebate manufacturers to dealers, often directly in the form of goods, such rebate policy makes a lot of people are faced with the end result is failure to make losses. Thus, the first home appliance industry from hundreds of agents on the shuffle began. Edge hit a lot of industry mergers and war agents, direct supply side of the business change. On the one hand money directly to purchase, purchase from manufacturers can not cross, sales agent agreement constraint. On the other hand, do group purchase orders, and start with the retail terminal operators to maintain close cooperation. Find a way out, agents transfiguration retail terminal The face of market pressure and competition, more and more concentrated in the large household appliances hands of agents. To avoid the risk of the industry, waltham fake watches they also have to find big way. Take more hot then the air conditioning agent, for example, dragon, the whole world, Wynn changed the play of bamboo and so on, in the transition to seek new development. Agency has 78 branded agents reduced the number of the dragon, so refined at the same time reach out to other industries. Wynn Bamboo is a big way by opening the store. The hand grasped a lot of sales network, able to accomplish much in the engineering machine customers in retail, while also gains. And Ming-up, a new source of Chu, one of the themes such as the straight, directly entered the home appliance retail industry's door. While the convenience of its agents, from the factory were very favorable purchase price, on the other hand will be sold from brokers, retailers to sell directly to end?? Consumers. Although the transfiguration agents retail outlets are still not to the broker's business, but the retail chain from manufacturers to huge profits they have tasted the lick first, and gradually began devoting themselves to household appliances to the retail terminal. At a time, along electrical appliance retail sector has been doing a presentable shape. Because Shenzhen appliance is still in the prototype phase of the retail industry, even as new the Army, all retailers have basically keep to one side, no problem at all. Even if occasionally a little minor arguments, it is only to attract attention, not really involved in the fight for share. 2001 years ago?? cartier online Keywords: shuffle Changing Faces [Key words]: Haier ? Hisense ? cartier santos demoiselle fake watches Kelon Comment Large ? In ? Small I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as High Speed CF Memory Card Manufacturer , Wooden USB Flash Drive Manufacturer, Cute USB Flash Drives,and more.