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According to survey, the probability of traffic accidents at night than 1.5 times during the day, 55% of the accidents occur at night. And good lighting for night driving lights is playing a very important role. For with power, efficiency, safety, efficacy and long life xenon headlamps, I believe people who know about replica patek philippe nautilus watches cars and it cost so far is still relatively high, but the trend is already cheaper. So the original only in luxury car it is now accessible many to many local B-Class have been used. Now, let us look at Xiaobian with xenon headlamps and equipment to introduce several home models xenon headlamps it. First have to give us an account of it: the current xenon headlamps are often misread, "hernia headlamps", "Xenon" xian soon as (IA), and "immortal" words are homonyms, "hernia" Reading shan four tones (oblique tones ), and "fan" and "fan" are homonyms. Interested friend can take a closer look, while xenon headlamps of vehicles and equipment of interest, you can point directly to the second page. Xenon lamp and with a new xenon headlamps, also known as high-intensity gas discharge lamps, the abbreviation HIDIntensityDischargeLamp.. Xenon lamp broke Edison's tungsten light principle, the quartz tube filled with high-pressure inert gases? Xenon Xenon gas, instead of traditional filament, the two electrodes with mercury and carbon compounds, through the ballast to 23,000 volts high voltage current xenon light stimulation in the formation of perfect white between two poles arc, issued nearly perfectly perfect light sunlight.

replica bell ross power reserve watches Click here to view all news photos Xenon lights (HID) light-emitting principle of: Car HID xenon lamp and halogen different from the traditional, this is a high-pressure discharge lamp, its light is the use of positive and negative electrical stimulation of xenon chemical reaction with the rare light, therefore there is a small glass tube inside the ball, which which is a little filled with xenon gas and precious metals, as long as they use the current to stimulate a chemical reaction, the two will send up to 4000K-12000K color temperature of light. It uses a special ballast, used car battery voltage is 2V above the trigger voltage produced 23000V start to light. Brightness of 0.8 seconds startup is rated brightness of 20% to the brightness of halogen lamps, headlamps and to less than 4 seconds to more than 80% of the rated brightness. Stable in light ballast provides about 80V to the lamp supply voltage to maintain constant lamp power operation. Xenon lights (HID) performance advantages: replica a lange sohne 1, normal 55W halogen lamp can only produce 1,000 lumens of light, while the 35W Xenon lamp to produce 3,200 lumens of light, brightness increasing by 300%, with long and wide ultra-wide angle of vision, for you unprecedented driving comfort; for the night is no longer dark, vision clarity, can greatly reduce the traffic accident rate. 2, HID xenon lamp is the use of electronic excitation of gas emission, there is no tungsten, therefore longer life expectancy is about 3,000 hours, substantially exceeded vehicle traveling at night the total number of hours. The halogen light is only five hundred hours. 3, strong saving: a Xenon lamp only 35W, and 55W halogen lamp issue is 3.5 times fake franck muller crazy hours watch more light, greatly reduced the load on vehicle electrical system, power loss save 40% corresponding increase in vehicle performance, energy conservation . 4, color temperature and good: There is 4300K-12000K, etc., 6000K close to the sunlight, by the majority of users, and halogen only 3000K, light color dark red. 5, constant output, safe and reliable: when the vehicle's power system and battery failure, ballast shut down automatically stop working. We use the car xenon headlamps it? Xenon headlamps full name is the HID (HighIntensityDischargeLamp) gas discharge lamps, which use complementary electronic ballast, 12V car battery voltage is more than an instant upgrade to the trigger voltage of 23KV, the xenon headlamps in the formation of xenon arc discharge ionization and to the stability of light, to provide a stable vehicle lamp lighting system. Compared with ordinary light bulb, xenon bulb has two significant advantages: on the one hand, xenon bulbs halogen bulbs have a three times higher than the average light intensity, but only two thirds of its energy; the other hand, xenon daylight bulbs used with almost the same color of light, for the drivers to create franck muller vegas online a better visual conditions. Xenon lamps to light the broader, more intense light, greatly improving the driving safety and comfort. Halogen bulb, like a filament with the ordinary, but then there is no filament xenon lamp, xenon lamp and this is the most important difference between the traditional fake daniel roth watches lamp. Xenon lamp is placed between two electrodes using electric arc to produce light, as is produced in electric arc welding of light. High-voltage pulse power added to the complete sealing of the micro-quartz lamp (tube) between the metal electrode, the material incentive bulb (xenon gas, a small amount of mercury vapor, metal halide) in the ionization in the arc light. This bright color temperature and sunlight similar, but with more green and blue components, thus showing blue-white shade. This substantial increase in the blue shade of road signs and signs of brightness. Xenon halogen lamp emission flux is 2 times higher than the same time, the efficiency of electric energy into light than halogen lamps by 70% or more, so xenon lamps have higher energy density and light intensity, while the operating current of only halogen light half. Lamp brightness increase is also effective to expand the car in front of the visual range, thereby creating a safer driving conditions. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as Wafer Type Butterfly Valve , Sanitary Butterfly Valve Manufacturer, Sanitary Butterfly Valve,and more.