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HC Home Network News : CCTV " 315 Party ", the foreign brands Service Expensive components and shorten the screen is not the main screen Warranty And other issues receive wide attention and questions. Named by the foreign brands did not meet the national three packs of policy, Changhong Flat Panel TV Maintenance of good repair has launched a major policy, implemented in a 3-year warranty period, "Electrical properties of the substrate screen bad" Failures will enjoy the shifting of zenith defy xtreme open replica watches the machine Service . China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo said the move marked the domestic color TV manufacturers have a comprehensive and lasting to enhance the development of high-quality service, the service policy for the healthy development of color TV industry and consumers in promoting the interests of Pratt & Whitney will have more positive impact. Accelerate the popularity of flat-panel TV since the focus has been on TV focus on flat-panel TV repair services, including maintenance fees, maintenance policies. Maintenance of high screen quality and other problems have rolex milgauss watches for sale plagued the short period of consumers. This, Changhong the first in the industry to make significant pledges, all in the product warranty period is really the bad screen (screen substrate electrical properties of the bad) failure, the services are implemented replacement policy machine. Earlier, in the China Video Industry Association service special committee's meeting, Changhong and other household electrical appliance enterprises committed to full implementation of the extended warranty flat-panel TVs, flat-panel TV sets in the previous year warranty, based on "display" and other major parts warranty extended to 3 years, which will flat-panel TV sales service "industry standard" re-upgrade. In other words, all flat-panel TVs Changhong will be up to 3 years of warranty period "screen substrate electrical properties of bad" Failures will enjoy the machine shifting services. The same time, Changhong also committed, in the March 6, 2010 to 2010 on December 31 during the day to replica patek philippe nautilus watch buy flat-panel TV Changhong users, will be cheap rolex precision watches implemented: 1, Chang received a special service hotline customer service requirements, we will 2 hours booking service, not delay a minute! Second, protect the city 48 hours, county and township for 72 hours to resolve product failures, if delayed, will provide back-flow machine, excellent ratings will not delay a minute! Third, failure within one year of purchase, maintenance, more than 15 days still can not repair, replacement would offer similar products and services, panerai luminor base for sale premium services will not delay a minute! The same time, all 315 network television and during the purchase of Changhong LED Opel Korea TV, you can also get a 1-year extended warranty service. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said the Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo, Changhong's service commitment, in essence, Changhong, services and ideas to replica iwc der flieger watch upgrade again. Is the so-called "unlimited service", with the consumer market competition, changes in the environment and the development of enterprise itself, such a large enterprise Changhong began taking on more social responsibility. In recent years, Changhong has introduced a pro-consumer service initiatives, as manufacturers improve product quality is no longer a simple but comprehensive and lasting to enhance the development of high-quality services, and actively promote the harmonious development of the consumer market. The service commitment for the healthy development of color TV industry promotion and the interests of consumers have a positive impact on Pratt & Whitney.

Association China Video service special committee, said home appliance industry, Changhong as the backbone of enterprise, has been active in the commitment to product quality and improve service levels, and the industry in the service concept, technology sharing, maintenance ability to maintain a synergy to upgrade and service standards for the industry to develop and enhance overall service capabilities and made outstanding contributions to the work. Changhong recently introduced a series of flat-panel TV pledge is Changhong another level of service and ideas to enhance the entire industry played a good role model far beyond the industry standard of service. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as China fiber optic patch cable , China fiber optic adaptor for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits fiber optic media converter.