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The second half of the introduction of energy efficiency standards in the industry re-shuffling the same time, will create new growth opportunities. The industry believes that when " Energy Technical war "will replace" Price war fake roger dubuis much more . " Listed higher threshold Forthcoming energy efficiency standards to 84% of paypal replica watches thermal efficiency as its minimum standards. Following Air conditioning , Refrigerators and other large areas of the implementation of energy efficiency standards for appliances a year later, another high Energy consumption Small Home Appliances Gas Water Heater Will also be included in the enforcement of energy efficiency standards directory. March 22, the reporter learned from the City Consumers Association, gas water heater industry, the new national mandatory standards?? "Domestic gas instantaneous water heater limit value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating" (the "energy efficiency standards") will be seven in August this year formally promulgated and implemented. 23, the reporter interviewed a number of appliances Shopping Gas chronoswiss for sale water heater inside the counter. Reporter in a product promotion on a single page to see the specifications marked thermal efficiency: "> 80%." But rolex datejust royal black replica is it the thermal efficiency value to the amount of business and no clear explanation. Salesperson to find the test data for a long time to find the results of a sample gas water heater, the basic values of thermal efficiency 84.3% -84.9% in between. "As mentioned before the authorities did not want to mark the value of thermal efficiency, so manufacturers have never paid much attention." Zhuanmai gui, said the attendant. General Enquiry on introduced, according to City Consumers Association, the forthcoming gas water heater buy ulysse nardin dual time gmt energy efficiency standards, energy efficiency grade is divided into three classes: one an energy-efficient, thermal efficiency value of not less than 96%; two values of thermal efficiency of not less than 88%; three values of thermal efficiency of not less than 84%. That is, the thermal efficiency of 84% will be listed on the threshold of gas water heaters. Luo said, because the size of many enterprises, capital, technology strength are not enough, then the market will You Sicheng estimated about high energy, low-quality products face eliminated. Brand Good news for manufacturers Lower thermal efficiency value products in the new "Energy Efficiency Standards" will be eliminated. "If the value of thermal efficiency in accordance with the old calculation method, 84% is a very high standard, it is estimated there will be toy watch copies a lot of gas water heaters are eliminated." A water heater Dealers Told reporters that the gas water heater on the market today, the brand found 84% of the standard and not that much, a large part of the value of the thermal efficiency of gas water heater in 70% -75% of basic between. Related departments forecast the market is estimated that 30% of gas water heater face elimination, while the industry is estimated that this figure may be even higher and may reach 50%. "The introduction of mandatory standards, the brand manufacturers is a good thing." Water heater dealer Ling-Zhi Zhang told reporters that the domestic four, 500 gas water heater manufacturers. Low production costs of small businesses, water heater price naturally low. "A security risk to water heaters, the thermal efficiency is often low value, in the new 'energy efficiency standards' implementation, these products will be eliminated." States United States Electric Jiangbei Red flag Ditches appliance stores Sell Mr. Gu Wenliu said. Market average price would be a clear float Most expensive product is likely to reduce quality by cutting costs and the cost. According to insiders, currently ranked No. 1 in China's water heater sales in its market share of less than 20% market share of the top three industries combined have less than 50%. In Japan, three, four Leadership Enterprise products accounted for 90% of the Japanese market, market share, Europe and the United States is generally a few large enterprises accounted for 80% of the market share. Brand concentration is too low in product safety issues not only difficult to solve, but also to make domestic brands in the international market Competition Power is difficult to improve. In addition, it was disclosed in a regular production cost of water heaters, Make Water tank The raw materials required Copper The cost price is 58 yuan per kg, 2.5 kg for a water tank with water heater, the only need the cost of more than 140 yuan, while some smaller brands on the market for as little as 190 yuan water heater. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as Cute Cosmetic Bags , Fashionable Travel Bags Manufacturer, and more. For more , please visit Decorative Storage Boxes today!