A marriage is when man and woman got together by a legal and loving bond. However for Christians, they need to abide by the core principles as in praying together, respect and care for each other via frequent communication. Still there may be differences arising and that is why I provided help with marriage especially for Christian couples. The first thing I like you to note is that infidelity and dishonesty are forbidden in Christian marriages. So even if a man has an affair and hides well from his wife, he is still committing a major sin in the eyes of the Lord. Christians or not, differences in opinions, inability to copy with each other's life styles and daily habits and limited tolerance for each cheap zenith chronomaster t open other's flaws are bound to occur. Unless one of them is very obedient and willing to give in completely, there is really no such thing as a perfect relationship. Showing love for your spouse when things fake chopard are going well is not enough. It is only when things are down that you still maintain your love is what really matters. Of course it is easier to say than do it because when the situation really happens and gets out of hand, both couples will feel agitated, confused and iwc der dopple fake watches start arguing gerald genta sport fake watches with each other. Though it is strictly between husband and wife to sort out their differences and not within our boundaries as third party to interfere, we do have to when things get out of hand or their quarrels affect their children greatly. Especially if they are our friends or related to us. But even after providing help and they cheap corum trapeze still could not come breitling chronomat on sale to an agreement, then marriage counselling would be the next alternative by common sense even though there is a possibility of the couple not being honest in answering the counsellor's questions. However great their differences and flaws might be, divorce and separation are not recommended in Christian marriages. There is a quote taken from one of the bible verses that husband and wife should always stick together through thick and thin. Moreover, divorce can hurt them spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally. If they have children, things will be worse as they need to fight for custody as well. Though your cell group, leaders and pastors can help you to sort out those problems, you still need to face and talk with your spouse. But many times, our pride and ego in thinking we are right always get in the way. Being defensive and uncompromising are always what caused the heart-to-heart talks to fail. With that being said, you need to reflect upon yourself and release your ego in order to listen, understand and make up with your spouse. Sometimes it is better to be quiet and let nature takes its course than talk unnecessary and worsen matters. Marriage is not just of you both sleeping together, hugging, kissing and expressing sweet nothings as you did in your dating days. It is about working together to make this marriage work however happy or frustrating the circumstances might be. Apart from infidelity and dishonesty, abusive behaviour is strictly forbidden in Christian marriages. Just because you have a bad and lousy day does not mean you should take it out on your spouse and children. If all else fails, pray to your Lord for salvation. Do it during your cell or church meetings with your pastors, cell leaders and members. With the Lord and these people available to help you, there is nothing in your marriage that cannot be dissolved. This is my help with marriage for Christian couples and I think all those measures I mentioned are great advice in living a happy marriage life.