For stopping the migration fraud United State government had take a huge decision. US government has planned to integrate U.S. passports with RF (radio buy jaeger lecoultre master calendar frequency) chips in starting of this summer. But because of this decision they have facing huge resistance from various groups of travel who says that the technology is untested and may create a hazard passenger safety. Actually these chips are very small in size and light weighted. It is based on embedded technology. These types of embedded chips are designed to make passports work like employee ID cards that can cheap columbus watch co be transmitted over an electronic reader. This electronic reader has read the basic information about the employee to access in a building. Official State Department said that the new technology known as radio frequency identification, or RFID, will give Customs officers to quickly process passengers at airports and borders. Passports should be issued to diplomats, from August, and the program would expand to applicants for new passports by next year. Foreign Ministry officials of United State said that the chips are part of the global effort to prevent immigration fraud or passport fraud. Each chip contains a Hi-Tech digital recording system which is saved all the basic information of passport holder like holder's name, address and number, his/her identity etc . These chips are also contains a photograph of the holder replica concord c1 worldtimer which is used in his/her passport. It is just because of to improve facial recognition technology. Therefore, even if the paper passport is damaged or lost, customs agents are could be able to identify the person or modified to compare the data patek philippe calatrava replica circuit to the person. It tag heuer for sale is very high technology and it seems to be good. But as we know every system has his advantages as best hublot replicas well as disadvantages. The major drawback of this great invention is this that it is based on frequency transaction. Every embedded chips have contains a built-in miniature antenna. It is using for sending and receiving passport holder data to a machine reader using radio waves. And we all are well known with the drawbacks of radio waves. Critics say that terrorists or thieves could be using the chip reader's identification chips U.S. citizen, even in a crowded street in his journey. Officials of the ministry of foreign department and as well as some RFID specialist said that it would be different and it is not possible. Whatever it is but it's true that it is very beneficial to stopping visa fraud and fraud immigrations. For more detail on this topic please consider to Global Visas Fraud Department.

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