Solar water heater The rapid development of the market, attracting many companies to join, not only was born 100 million can, Wong Ming and a number of well-known brands, while some no-name companies trying to profit, low-cost low-quality products are still flooding the market. The Chinese Renewable Energy Association, the Secretary-General Meng Xiangan remind consumers: the purchase of solar Water heater , Do not seek cheap, we must recognize the hazards assembled products to buy well-known big brands. Mengxian Gan said that the current domestic production solar water heater manufacturers have at least 5,000, most of which are workshop-style enterprise, the market quite a mixed bag, there are many inferior products. Unlike ordinary solar water heaters, household appliances, the product composition and installation requirements are more specific, if consumers buy a solar water heater used by the host pipeline, Fitting Other than manufacturers original standard, but the market to buy the "assembly products", then the process will exist in the use of certain quality risks. Mengxian Gan pointed out that China's solar water heater industry long way to go, only genuine satisfaction to consumers, to get recognition, solar water heater to win the broader market. China solar water heater brands of varying quality, making our overall satisfaction with the solar industry is not satisfactory, most of the brand is very low customer satisfaction. According to China's complaints information promoted by the National Statistics quality problems in solar water heaters, 40% are pipeline corrosion, leakage, 31% are not heat the water tank, and another 35% rolex datejust royal pink replica of the vacuum tube collector inefficient. At the same time, about 81% of consumers did not grasp the quality of solar water heaters identify strengths and weaknesses of relevant knowledge, do not know how to choose solar energy. This shows that the majority of replica piaget for sale the consumer's home solar energy is not really into full play. Shandong 100 million to solar Wangjiu Wei, director of marketing for the current market is flooded with cheap low-quality no-name status of solar buy roger dubuis too much energy are worried about, according to Wang Jiuwei introduced in recent years, hurt by low-grade solar energy leakage, pipeline leaks bring disaster to its neighbors and other vicious occurred frequently. Solar poor working conditions, low temperature resistance in winter to summer to nearly Baidu's high temperature resistance, a key indicator of any missing or non-compliance, there may be hidden. The solar energy industry of short-term and not Home Appliances Industries have foreign ready-made production, test line can be introduced, all rely on their own research and development. The many small solar manufacturers lack of modern production equipment, automation is not high, lack the necessary standardization management; and as quality assurance testing, because testing is to detect a lack of talent or can not afford to buy tens of millions of test equipment is useless. The manufacturers can not provide complete protection of the safe operation of solar energy fake breguet marine for sale pipeline accessories, auxiliary, put together by the dealers in the market matching assembly, it is the direct result of hidden causes.

Wang Jiuwei that solar energy can be used to select the real, the simplest way is to remember that "the two do not elected." First of all, no rigorous test of brand-name computers can not be selected. Brand-name large companies have their own testing center, all the components of solar energy have carried out rigorous testing. Second, non-OE OE one machine and one machine can not fake the election. Some brands claim to Original one machine, but the real use of non-original parts installed Shique to deceive consumers. Original one machine is to supply hot water system with high standard host and original accessories, consumers can use this water heater safety, rest assured. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as replica cartier santos dumont watches outside electric grill , outside electric grills, buy illinois electric railroad indoor grill,and more.