It doesn't take much of the imagination does it, to picture the reaction on men's faces, when a women wearing 6 inch high hill stiletto shoes, casually strolls into a club and to add to the imagination, she's also wearing silky stockings. But as you ladies know all to well, high hill shoes and a dance floor don't exactly mix to well. So although the outfit speaks a million dollars and blood pressures are running high for the men, the dance floor is the last place that the lady wants to be heading. Once You Have Mastered Vertigo: Now ladies, if you have never worn high hills in your life, take a leaf out of the books of those that have and if ever you've been to the circus and seen them brave men on six feet stilts, then your jaeger lecoultre reverso duo online already getting the idea, as this is a bit like what it feels like (so I've been informed by fake dubey schaldenbrand watch my wife), when you take them first initial steps. This is a skill and a half that needs to be mastered on a step-by-step (no pun intended) basis. But once you have sacrificed the fear of vertigo, the drinks will be flowing thick and fast all night long. The Memories of Horror And Shear Excitement: Now I assumed that you had never slipped into a pair of high hill shoes before and if I'm thinking correctly and you don't want to spend several hours at the Accident & Emergency Department, then five or six inch size hills, might not be the best way to start. You seriously need to begin with only 1" hills. It's a bit like when we rode our first bicycle with stabilizers on and then our dad removed them and ran behind holding the seat for us. Do you remember that mixture of horror and shear excitement, when we glanced around behind us and realized that we were free to go as we pleased. It's the same procedure virtually for getting use to having higher hill's on, just wear the one size at a time, until you feel totally confident about being able to walk, without having to hold onto the door frame or handrail.
Some Pointers For Your Safety:
? Whilst you are getting use to the wobbly feel, try and use as thick a heel as possible, rather than a thin one.
? Before you go on a date, find out where he is taking you, as high hills and a grass garden party, might leave you some what stuck in the mud and if there is a lot of walking involved, a pair of good quality leather boots, might be your better option. ? What ever you do, don't wait until the big event, before taking them out for a test drive. Losing your balance or losing the shoe for that matter if the straps come undone, bertolucci pulchra replica might leave you questioning, where to hide your face.
? The test doesn't need to be another special occasion; it might be just when you pop round to see friends, or maybe when you visit the local shop.
? If you have tried your friend's pair of high hills recently for the first time, don't assume that yours will give the same balance effect; you seriously need to test your own ones out, for safety sake.
Some Important Tips To Finish With: 1. Remember, treat this seriously at first, wearing high hills can be like ice skating for the first time and it's a skill that needs to be mastered. 2. You want to enjoy the venture and why not get excited about it, just try and relax but at the same time, try and replica watches chronoswiss regulateur keep your body as upright as possible.
3. One last thing and then I'll let you venture out amongst the rush hour pavement or sidewalk traffic, make sure that you sit down as often as you can, because you need to rest them feet. Oh forgot to mention, make sure that you take a spare pair of flats or wedges�� your bare feet won't take to kindly to a broken glass. Well I hope you found this useful and when you decide to window shop for them all important high hill shoes, remember that buying them from a safe supplier, should really be your main concern as well as knowing, that the person that sold them to you, really does know what they are talking cartier santos dumont replica watches about from an informative point of view and not just a sales pitch. I seriously suggest that ebel 1911 watches for sale you do some homework for that peace of mind that I mentioned and start by taking a look at The New You where hopefully you'll soon realize, that health and fashion really can go together after all, when visiting Taryn Rose Shoes