Yongbao Pearl The secret pearl charm style soft and Guangrun natural color, give people a sense of elegant elegant, charming, people food for thought. However, but pearls are delicate and vulnerable to damage, because of its major components

Calcium carbonate , Case of acid resistant to corrosion. Therefore, the wearing of pearls
Jewelry Should be cautious of A care and maintenance, can the color of this attractive durable and no rebate.

1. Maintenance when to wear soft pearl of hardness than the dust in the air is lower, when worn, should avoid even the material with a hard object in contact with hard cloth or friction, so wear pearl jewelry should not wear coarse clothes, to avoid wear and tear or scratch. The other, pearl fear acid, alkali afraid, afraid of losing water, so exposure should not be in the sun or in the heat of iwc ingenieur replica high temperature environment; should avoid Suancu, alcohol,

Perfume , Powder, hair oil Cosmetic And various acid and alkali substance exposure; to prevent harmful erosion Ershi pearl fade or lose their luster. During X-ray iwc grand complication replica fluoroscopy, they save the best to remove the pearl jewelry, pearl from injury so.

2. Maintenance collection time should regularly clean pearls. Washing, it can dilute the soap with water first, illinois sangamo watches for sale rinse, then rinse thoroughly with water. Usually did not wear, it can be stored in a pad of soft, clean cloth or Choujuan jewelry boxes, boxes should not be placed in plastic bags or sealed plastic to avoid water loss and the impact of pearl luster.

3. Reproduction Pearl Some methods have been ancestral to wear or store pearl jewelry for more than a few years, could become dim yellow. The yellow is still limited to the surface of the pearl, you can put 1%?? 5% dilute hydrochloric acid or hydrogen peroxide in the relaxation and to take immersion. Let it knockoff zenith watch be dissolved yellow shell, pearl quickly removed, washed with water, dried, you can replay pearl luster. However, special attention was not to dilute hydrochloric acid soak for too long to prevent damage pearls. Of course, if the color is changed greatly, will be irreversible. While black, no light, defaced serious pearl jewelry, also a 10% concentration of salt water immersion, and then 3% of the concentration of dilute hydrochloric acid wash, then rinse with water, can restore the luster.

4. Regular care and maintenance as pearls on the acid and alkaline resistance is weak, can not withstand the corrosive sweat, usually respond to regular maintenance and maintenance of pearl. Always wiping with a clean, soft cloth to remove the surface contaminated with the pearl dust and dirt. Wiping, the fake cartier tank solo for sale silicone oil can be used with soft paper or soft cloth. Clean water, you can not use acid or alkaline liquid, can not wash with hot water or boiling water to prevent erosion of the solution structure and surface gloss pearl skin, only washing with neutral detergent solution, then rinse thoroughly with water needed Clean. Pearl's maintenance is not difficult, just press a more fake rolex oyster perpetual for sale scientific method of conservation, it will make a beautiful pearl glow, charming color. I am a professional writer from China Chemicals Products, which contains a great deal of information about ceramic angel figurines , lead crystal vases, welcome to visit!