Analysts predict: "51" after the use of raw materials to the copper and aluminum in the

Home Appliances Prices will rise 10% to 25%
As household appliances materials copper and aluminum prices, household appliances market is about to usher in a new round of prices surge.

Yesterday (April 15), the reporter visited the market found that prices generally stable home appliances, analysts predict, "51" after the home appliance price fluctuations, rose 10% to 25%.

Market: Home Appliances prices brewing Yesterday (April 15), the reporter visited the city and found a number of appliance stores, appliance stores prices news has become the hottest topic, and some promoters betting that prices had been "an iron nail."

"Not up the price now, but the increase is positive."
Suning An electrical shop in the street
Air conditioning Purchasing Guide that not only is air conditioning,
Refrigerator , Washing machine , Kitchen appliances such as whether the prices have been sound advice.
Carrefour North Point store an appliance Purchasing Guide that the old models the original product, because there are stock price has not changed yet, wait until the new stock market, price increases are inevitable.

In some appliances stores, many air-conditioning,
Refrigerator , Washing machine Sell Officials also said that prices should be determined in May, because many suppliers cheap breguet marine watches have stock before, but after all this time, the basic inventory has been completed digestion, and the new product purchase price increases, the retail price will certainly change, is expected to rise 10% to 25%.

Manufacturer: raw material prices pushed up home appliances
U.S. air-conditioning Shenyang Office Yanxian Sheng said the rising prices of raw materials is the main reason for price increases appliances.

Yanxian Sheng said the impact of the global economic rebound, the main raw materials of industrial copper, aluminum prices have been rising, compared to last year, copper prices rose more than 100%, aluminum prices rose more than 60%, "Copper futures markets at home and abroad prices higher, leading to the factory to increase production costs. "

Gree air-conditioned office in Shenyang relevant staff also said that rising raw materials led to household appliances household appliances retail price increases, fake roger dubuis excalibur watch "but the price increases, it will not affect the purchasing power of consumers is the next in various business problems. "

Present, the state has begun implementing the new
Energy Standards, appliance energy consumption levels to be maintained at a level or two, Yanxian Sheng said that the new batch of appliances are low energy tourneau for sale consumption of appliances, the cost will increase, and this is one of the reasons higher appliance prices.

Prediction: "51" will be price increases
Shenyang China International Futures analyst Li fake panerai black seal watch Ling Sales Department introduced the futures price of copper now 62,590 yuan per ton, compared to last year, almost doubled, while aluminum prices are up 70 over last year %.

Li Ling said that at present, copper and iwc portuguese replica watches aluminum futures prices have risen high, they are the main raw material for household appliances, home appliance prices will inevitably lead to rising costs, so that affects the retail price of home appliances.

Disclose the industry, home appliance prices is an inevitable trend, but "51" is the public focus on shopping time, vacheron constantin royal eagle replicas so businessmen dare not rashly prices, so as not to affect the buying enthusiasm is expected to "51" After the price of home appliances will continue to improve. I am China Chemicals Products writer, reports some information about ceramic plant pots , flower pot terra cotta.