When it comes to ensuring personal safety in New York, getting a professional home security system is a great place to start. But even people with the most advanced security gadgets in place sometimes forget about the simple things that they can do to protect themselves when they are most vulnerable - that is, when they are going into and coming out of their homes. Here are some tips for New York residents to keep in mind when they are making the transition from inside to outside or vice versa. 1. Do things to maximize visibility. You want to be able to see what is going on around you so that you are not caught off-guard by an attacker. In order to do this, make sure that you do not carry armloads of bags chronoswiss chronometer replica watches and boxes in a way that blocks your vision. Having your arms full also makes it harder for you to quickly enter or exit your building. If you have a lot of things to carry, it is better for your home security if you make several small trips and do not leave the door open for long periods of time. 2. If you are making multiple trips between your home and your car, never leave your car doors unlocked or open, especially if your car is going to be out of sight while you are inside. Likewise, do not leave the door to your home propped open unless someone is there to keep an eye on it. Burglars seize opportunities as they present themselves, so do not give them a reason to target you. 3. It may sound like something out of an urban legend, but when you leave the house to get into your car, check your surroundings to make sure no one is lurking nearby. Check under the car as well as behind it. If you sell audemars piguet watches keep it locked, you probably do not have to look in the back seat, but there is no harm in being a bit too cautious. Similarly, when approaching your home, you want to check around the door to make sure no one is hiding near the entrance. As a home security rule of thumb, you should never keep large bushes or other bulky items near your front door, since these could give potential intruders a place to wait undetected. 4. Keep the area between your home and your car well lit at night. Having outdoor flood lighting is good for your home security because it eliminates shadows for criminals to hide in, and it also keeps you visible and less likely to be attacked. Motion-sensored lighting is a great way to save patek philippe day replica money on electricity while maintaining your safety. It is also a good idea to purchase a vehicle that has headlights that stay on for a minute or so after you turn the car off. 5. If someone is at home when you are arriving late at night, have them come to the door to meet you. This will let potential intruders know rolex yacht master online that you are not alone and increase your level of home security. For the best replicas montblanc protection, look for HOME ALARM SYSTEMS that are the right fit for your lifestyle and needs. Adt home alarm monitoring New York offers round-the-clock surveillance, whether you buy ulysse nardin maxi marine are home or not.