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Now build high-definition Home Theater The user is more and more, in the speaker, display equipment, the options are almost no suspense, according replica watches patek philippe nautilus to their affordability can choose the right brand models. However, the choice of play equipment, many friends, may all the Blu-ray , HTPC, HD players and other devices hesitant. Well, now high-definition home theater set up, in the end choose which playback device is the most appropriate? 1, Blu-ray player: nice, less price too high, new sources Now set up a home theater that is certainly to take into account the needs of high-definition playback. Mention of the HD broadcast, then it can not bypass the Blu-ray aside. Withdrew because of competition in HDDVD, Blu-ray has been doing my part to become the only "regular" HD solution, so many people buy for home theater playback device, the first Blu-ray are generally considered Players . So, Blu-ray players nowadays really can become the first choice for home theater playback device Why? For the purchase of play equipment, home theater, we have to take into consideration the effects of addition, the price of new sources and the use of cost are the factors we need to consider. In these areas, the performance of Blu-ray player then? HD as the only authentic solution, Blu-ray player is the top natural results. As for prices, since the Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray player prices to 3,999 yuan after the listing prices would no longer become an obstacle to Blu-ray players we have chosen the negative factors. After all, a number of high-end DVD player market prices, but also four or five thousand dollars. Spent 3,999 yuan to buy a Blu-ray player, home theater set up for friends, or whether he can accept. Best effect, the price is, then it means that Blu-ray players may become the breguet classique replica watches best partner it home theater? In fact, just Blu-ray player now that there is a super-big problem, that is, the corresponding little blue discs, and the price is super expensive. Remember when the old models of Sony Blu-ray player BDP-S300, comes with playing special Shi Hai, "Open Season," "Kung Fu", "Spider-Man 3" three genuine blue Film Dish, so many people feel that spring has come to Blu-ray. However, after reading these three blue discs, we find do not know Shangna Qu looking to play the blue discs. Later, in a number of shopping sites, and finally a Blu-ray DVD Sold, but 135 yuan to 175 yuan price is expected to have a lot of people here speechless. Even more embarrassing is that the species is quite scarce. So many people bought a Blu-ray player, the more is simply to use it as a DVD. Effect is good, price right, but due to the film source and limit the price of DVD, Blu-ray player, although more and more popular in home theater, but as always, "of the necessary fuel," so it can not become a home theater the best or that the only playback device. Thus, HTPC replica b r m bernard richards (home theater PC) started in the popular home theater. 2, HTPC: powerful, but using more complex HTPC, or Home Theater PC, I believe many people are not familiar with. As the name suggests, it is prepared cheap ulysse nardin quadrato watches specifically for home theater PC, it is the biggest feature is the appearance design and operation Home Appliances Technology, which can be better integrated into home environments. Also have various characteristics of computers, has a strong Video Play capabilities, you can meet the needs of home theater in a variety of play. It is precisely because tudor mini sub replica the domestic Blu-ray Disc film source scarcity and high prices, making most of the way for HD film sources, basically rely on the network to download. To know, although the domestic Blu species is limited, but in foreign countries, high-definition Blu-ray disc has already formed a popular trend. Through the "all-powerful" network of users who share and the efforts of thousands of households and then to a computer stationed in a variety of formats.

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