Are you looking to invest in the housing market, but you're not sure where the best housing market in Michigan is? Do you want properties that will attract tenants, hold their value, and have a great location? Farmington Hills, Michigan is the place for you! With a location that's easily accessible to 2 major metropolitan areas, many educational institutions, and a myriad of recreational opportunities, Farmington Hills is the choice destination for investors in Southeastern Michigan. Here are just 4 great reasons to invest in homes for sale in Farmington Hills MI: 1. Stable Property bell ross replicas Values: Property values that weather the financial storm. Farmington Hills is located in Oakland County, one of the most prosperous in Michigan. This prestigious zip code means that property values are consistently higher than in neighboring towns. Notwithstanding this fact, the median home price in Farmington Hills is just under $200K. knockoff corum There is a wide variety of houses for sale in Farmington Hills MI to choose, with plenty of inventory for investors at every level, beginning and seasoned. 2. Fantastic Business Environment: Farmington Hills is home to no less than 17 fake porsche design watches business parks totaling more than 800 acres. More than 75 fortune 500 companies maintain a presence in town, along with more than 170 foreign owned companies. There are over 6,000 businesses located in Farmington Hills, along with a multitude of high-tech and high-end commercial space, making this the ideal place to start up a new business endeavor. 3. Great Recreation: Recreational opportunities abound in Farmington Hills. The local recreation department runs a huge variety of events throughout the year, as well as maintaining top notch facilities. With an aquatic center, golf course, ice arena, rolex imitation watches and an active after school activity calendar, there's no shortage of things to do in Farmington Hills. 4. Rejuvenated Downtown Core: The residents of Farmington Hills recently voted to devote public funds to a replica watches chopard l u c pro one rejuvenation of the downtown area. This has led to an influx of boutique shops, cafes, restaurants and art galleries. There is an active arts community offering art walks as patek philippe twenty replicas well as classes and workshops year round. This urban area, in the midst of a town of just over 80,000 makes for an environment that is appealing to a wide variety of residents. This rejuvenation also had the effect of making Farmington Hills one of the safest communities in Oakland County. To summarize, people want to rent and buy houses for sale in Farmington Hills MI. This was just a sampling of the many reasons you should consider making your next property investment in one of the lovely homes for sale in Farmington Hills, MI. Whether it's the property values, the residents, the recreation, or the beautiful downtown area. Check out homes for sale in Farmington Hills MI for yourself and see what all the investment hype is about.