This entry Home Appliances Market ? ??Rebates, gifts, and many other benefits for the New Year is still the main promotion programs, therefore, easily ten thousand thousands of large home appliances, the promotion is undoubtedly replica american watch co watch a very attractive buying opportunity. Beauty, according to the country, said this year's New Year's Day 8 during the entire store in Guangzhou close to 56 million yuan of sales value, the Guangzhou area is close to 83 million yuan. Ushered in the 11 ice wash product after the season. In the New Year period, the country returned to the U.S. audience refrigerator highest quality rolex replica is 200-5000 yuan, sending drum washing machines, electric irons, MP3 and other gifts. Canton 100 electrical appliance store as the other main front of the same period in the New Year ushered in full house, it's learned that the New Year period, sales of ultra-wide 100 Electric New Year's Day 10 million yuan. Heating appliances overnight popularity Sudden cold air to the south are used to the warm winter people by surprise, in addition to the thick cotton jacket coat outer armed body, the house is open on the rare use of heating equipment. While in the major appliance stores, air conditioning, heating, water heaters and cooker and all sorts of "warm" words related to home appliances are showing strong sales situation. Reporter observed in the sales field, come to buy a heating system based mainly middle-aged, interviews, consumers explained to reporters: "I never expected the weather so cold this year, there are children at home with elderly people, cold weather buy home heating warm-up they both heart-warming. The presence of sales personnel, said the purchase of heating equipment, from mid-December last year, growing gradually, until the New Year replica patek philippe annular watches sales period of the real start of the peak. Market, according to Paradise's Manager Xu introduced and sold within three days at New Year's Day, nearly 400 sets of heater products, air conditioning sales also see growth, largely because of air conditioning and a single cold air spreads narrowing, consumers willing to spend three or four hundred dollars can be sold to heating. Other, such as induction cooker, water heater also see significant growth in sales volume. Gome responsible person also said in an interview due to weather conditions and drive the heating equipment sales in the country the United States, the amount of heating equipment sales day last New Year's Day 160% replica watches breguet marine growth, air conditioning accounts for 80% of the total air conditioning. With the sudden cold weather, heating machine sales began to rise, 1P-1.5P best-selling models. New Year period, the country audience Maijiu Song U.S. Air boils, electric stove, refrigerator and so on. Canton 100 appliance market head said that the arrival of the cold, heaters and other small appliances a "blowout" sales, the sale of nearly 2,000 New Year's heater, sales increased 2-3 times over the same period. High-end products into the lead In the New Year holiday home appliance sales war, high-end product will undoubtedly become one of the main force. The United States at the press of the country, Canton 100, Yongle, Suning stores and large home appliances in the interview, the relevant person, this year New Year's Day marked increase in high-end appliances. Yongle Appliance's Manager Xu said that the property market hot on New Year's Day and during the marriage, moving, etc., driven by high-end appliance sales during the New Year optimistic. Including plasma TVs, rear projection TV, LCD TV, large screen color TV sales of about 890 units. Deduction is not new stores, compared with last year's New Year's Day New Year's Day this year, the amount of Yongle Appliance sales increased by 80%. According to insiders said the U.S. State, New Year's Day sales abnormal hot, replica bell ross for sale high-end TVs accounted for 40% of sales, accounting for 75% of TV sales in excess of the replica panerai luminor marina watches usual 80%. As the TV and some great efforts to promote the historic low-cost flat-panel TVs, making the day a large flat-panel TV sales, sales of home appliances highlight of the audience. Total projection of 321 units sold, 108 units of plasma and LCD TV sets 136. States United States related personnel also revealed that New Year's Day TV during the States United States the minimum price for the whole year, and the promotion of war from the traditional flat CRT battlefield, quickly burning to plasma, LCD and other flat panel TVs. States United States put forward the "decisive battle flat" slogan, a full range of domestic plasma fell below 15,000 yuan; joint venture plasma fell to less than 20,000 yuan; 27-inch LCD TV for the first time dropped to about 8,000 yuan or less; 20-inch LCD TV is more about playing for less than 4,000 yuan were popping. Joint 43-inch rear projection below 7,000 for the first time; LCD TV 15-inch, 20 inch, 26-inch mainstream models prices prices slipped in 2004 the bottom. General Manager Wang Junzhou of South China, Gome, from the end of 2004, whether the price of LCD TVs dropped to a reasonable extent, in large LCD TVs this year will be one of the keys can spread rapidly. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as China Tapered Roller Bearing , China Angular Contact Ball Bearings for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits Cylindrical Roller Bearings.